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I have an iPhone 3G, that when I purchased it (used) came jailbroken.


FINALLY someone came out with a way to remove the version I had so I could reset the phone and restore it. Afterwhich I was able to uodate it to the current iOS for the 3G, 4.2.1 and runs fine.


However, after I clicked update for my apps, half no longer worked nor would they install because not compatible with this version.


I grabbed the old *.ipa files from the recycle bin (running Win7) and installed them and seems fine again.


My question is... how do I tell iTunes to NOT recommend updates, that don't work on my phone. I thought iTunes would have done that automatically, and for years it's never been an issue. Yesterday I updated iTunes to the most current version, then reset the phone so... not certain if an issue with the phone or a setting in the newer iTunes. In any case, recommending an update, then updating to a version not compatible with my phone, doesn't seem to make sense.


Is there a setting somewhere?



iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2