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My apologies if I couldn't find the Mail community.

Running: OS 10.8 Mountain Lion with Mail 6.


I would like to delay an email to send at a scheduled time when I am not at my computer, possibly when my MBP is asleep and closed.


I have consulted other sites and found that Andreas Amann's Mail Scripts no longer work.


Anyone know a solution within Apple's Mail application or using some new applescript?


Apple should really integrate this feature into Mail as it has been in Outlook for a while now.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    (bump). This is a much desired and needed feature. I'd hate to go to Microsoft for this, but I'm starting to lean that way! I *really* don't want to go over to Entourage/Outlook/whatever it is now, but this feature is something I'm realizing more and more will increase productivity.