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My iPhone 4s is brand new, only a couple of days old. I'd bought one last week and had battery drain problems as well - I brought it in to be fixed, they replaced it - now the battery drain problem is back on the brand new phone. I finally got fed up with not knowing what is wrong and downloaded iPhone Optimizer for information.


In the processes log the ubd process pops up every 9 or 1 seconds, closes, then opens up again for 10 seconds, then closes.. and on and on it goes, draining battery life quite swiftly - maybe 4-5% in half an hour!


Another process that keeps appearing is securityd. In comparison, it appears rarer, but still often enough to drain battery life. The same happens with profiled.


From what I gather ubd is the biggest and main issue for my battery drain. I read online that it is related to icloud syncing so I deleted my icloud account all together after disabling a bunch of functions. Ubd keeps popping up. I turned off the phone and turned it back on - udb keeps popping up in the CPU usage processes log. Securityd and profiled also keep popping up.


I have wasted so much time already trying to find fixes online, and I'm getting fed up with it. A brand new phone's battery draining after 4-5 hours of light to moderate usage is appalling.


How do I delete the ubd process? Also, is it possible to delete securityd and profiled or are they essential to the iphone running properly?

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