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I upgraded my operating system on my 4s to 6 & now I cannot access my wi-fi button as it is greyed out, it has

also affected my icloud backup, same thing its greyed out.


I went into my local Apple Store & they told me that they had never heard of this problem, they then told me

to connect to itunes & do a complete restore of my iphone, I have done this but its still the same, can anyone please assist?



iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    My Bluetooth is fine its just my Wi-Fi is greyed out

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    Did you notice the "or" in the tile of the support article?

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    Yes I did, I followed your link there is a reference to the greyed out Wi-Fi but no real assistance, since this conversation I have logged a call later with Applecare

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    It gave you several troubleshooting steps to try, which sometimes work. 


    However, in many if not most cases, this is due to a hardware failure.  Updating and restoring the phone is stressful to the device, and can cause marginally functioning components (such as the WiFi chip) to fail.  In that case, replacement will be your only option.

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    I had this problem. I contacted apple and they told me if I restore the phone and wifi/bluetooth is still greyed, it's most likely a hardware issue. After determining that is was indeed a hardware problem, they sent me a new phone. This is where it gets bad. They put a $600 hold on my checking account (I was aware of this beforehand) and mailed the new phone via FedEx. 7 days passed and I tracked it and it had been stuck in Memphis for 4 days. I called fedex and apperently it had been lost. They told me to contact apple and have them contact them (fedex) to figure it out. After apple contacted them, they called me back and said it was under "investigation" and that could take 7 business days. I asked if they could release the hold on my checking account and they said no. SO, now they continue to hold $600 of MY money for their phone's failure and fedex's failure to keep track of it. I find it unfair to have my money held from me due to their companies' failed product and service. I also find it to be poor business to not have a direct email contact to apple support to plead my case. I guess it's not their concern that other people have big plans for my money!

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    Hey guys! I've got a weird tip for anyone having issues with their WiFi after updating to iOS 6.0.1. It won't work in everyone's case but I've had it work for a few folks I've spoken to who work for tech support:


    -What's your device named? If you're like so many of us, it's something like _____'s iPhone. If you've got an apostrophe in your devices name, that MIGHT JUST BE THE PROBLEM.

    Check out Settings>General>About>Name (all the first options) if you're not sure.


    -See an apostrophe? Tap on the name to edit it, and remove the apostrophe. Save the change.


    -Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button at the top right edge of the phone and the Slide to Power Off.


    -Start 'er back up again!


    -Check to see if you're now able to connect to Wi-Fi


    I don't have specific information as to why this can correct the problem, suffice it to say that it must be some setting getting in the way. The problem with restoring the device to factory settings - as so many have mentioned they've been told to do short of replacing the **** things - is that you may well be setting it up again with the same name as before.


    Give it a shot! Worst case scenario is that you lose about 45 seconds out of your day troubleshooting something infuriating.

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    This worked, What the heck!!!!??

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    I don't know.. I'm trying it out now...