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Hi everyone,


In brief, Im trying to establish a democratic radio solution that is simple and user friendly. iTunes DJ offers virtualy everything we need (via a broadcast program listening to the local audio stream) to broadcast music accross the school to each and every user if desired and have them listening to the same content. The DJ component also allows users to vote via iPod like devices that have the apple remote app installed. This is great. Its exactly what we want. However...


Being a school of 1200 students, only 200 of our users have access to iPads and 50% of our staff have ipods/iphones. Great numbers in themselves however every user that doesnt have access to an iDevice wont have the ability to vote.. Kind of a downer as only our youngest students have iPads and our older students will be the ones wanting to use it.


So what im getting too is, is there a way to vote via another iTunes client or an application or even a web page? we reallly reallly reeallllllllly would like to be able to pull this off.. Ive searched high and low for solutions from other freeware vendors and find myself running into a brickwall every time. (ampache, icecast as two examples)


This has been submitted to the windows forums as the iTunes program is running on a windows server box but will be distributed to windows and mac operating systems. A Mac server could be used but is not preferable if avoidable.


Alternative ideas are welcomed but a similar working model to that of iTunes DJ would be required as this also gives us the future ability to host our own radio station and inject broadcasters audio between songs by simply hitting the pause button

Other OS
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    I had an android phone for a couple years and i think there is a compatible remote application similar to apples remote app which works with itunes DJ so those students with android can access itunes dj. That should significantly increase the particiation. With that being said, i just updated to itunes 11, and the interface is much differnt.... and i just noticed there is not more itunes dj that i could find! loved that the voting feature.  I may be missing it so i've emialed apple feedback about it.  I hope that add that feature back on. Anyway, if you use an older version of itunes, dj should be there and i would search for the adroid app i discussed earlier.  sorry, i forget what it was called exactly...

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    To add, itunes dj i think was replaced by a feature called "up next" but my remote app doesn't have voting features, nor does itunes have a password feature that you could set up for visitors to join your network and participate in the "democratic radio solution" as you appropriately called it.  If an external user wants to access your library and control the music, they need to pair it and enter the code onto the host computer.  kinda ***, hoping for an upgrate back to the old functionality. let me know if you find out anything.

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    Bumping an old post here, Play is a great solution for what you need. http://github.com/play/play