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I would like to install iWork (which is on a DVD) on my new iMac (Mountain Lion), I tried sharing a drive on a Windows 7 laptop and

I got it to show on my Mac as a share drive but when I click on it I get an message saying that it couldn’t be opened because the original source was not available.


I tried to follow the instructions provided in the Apple website but I believe they were for Windows Vista and may be Leopard but things are different in Windows 7.


Any idea what would be the right procedure I need to follow in order for me to share the drive from a Windows laptop (running Windows 7)?



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    1. On your iMac in Finder when you click on the Windows Share can you go to Connect As in the right top cornet of Finder window and try to authenticate with the Windows user credinals?


    2. Can you access the share from any other computer i.e. another Windows machine? if you have one handy.

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    When I connect as you suggested using a user it doesnt do any thing, I'm still getting the following message... "The operation can't be completed because the original item for "driveName" can't be found"


    No, I don't have other computer.


    Thanks a lot for your help