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When I try to use my iCloud account it keeps telling me my account has not been confirmed.  When I click to have a confirmation sent to my email address it never arrives.  What am I doing wrong?

Windows 7
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    1. Check the email address for spelling problems.

    2. in your email client check spam/junk folder.

    you need to get this email to verify the account.

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    I appreciate the reply but the problem continues and has since I first tried to open my icloud application several months ago. 


    I use Comcast as my primary ISP and I've checked all areas of SPAM and/or junk mail and can never find a message.  I've click on the 'resend the email to .... etc' NUMEROUS times with no success. 


    The email address I use for my login is NOT my primary email address but one I use via webmail.  Perhaps I should change my login to my actual primary email address?  If that might work, how do I do that?  I've looked everywhere but can find a solution.


    I'm certain this is a problem I've created but I've been unable to resolve.

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    some ISP have two level spam filters 1st certain spam which you will never see and 2nd possible spam which you will find in your Junk/Spam folder. Worth checking with them.

    Yes you can and should try to change the the primary email address and verify your account this way.