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My two year old iPod Touch 4G has suddenly increased it's Other category of storage to about 900 MB.  It may be related to the latest update of iTunes, but who knows?  How do I reclaim this storage space on my iPod?  This seems to be an unknown area, and it surprises me that Apple is lacking in keeping users informed.  I've been a Windows user for decades, and bought my first iMac three years ago, and this iPod two years ago.  The Apple products work fine, but I'm not impressed with support, especially in areas like this.  I've just replaced my eight year old Toshiba Win XP laptop, and never had a serious problem the entire time I've used it.  So, both Microsoft and Apple products are equal in my eyes.  This "Other" storage area is right now a blemish on Apple's status in my eyes.  Sure would like an answer.  thanks.



iPod touch, iOS 6.0.1, 8 GB memory - actually only 6.5 GB