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   My software is obsolete (and now dead) in 10.7 so I need to keep Snow leopard alive to run that- but now things like TurboTax are dropping support for 10.6 or lower and I have to have lion or Mountain Lion available.  I actually downloaded Lion onto a thumb drive but never installed it when I found out that it would immedaitely render all my FreeHand files inaccessible (years of work!),  Now that I am forced to have an OS above 10.6 I was hoping I could install whichever--Lion or Mountain Lion onto an external hard drive and figure  out how to boot from that (found  something in archives I think, but I need words of one syllable or less).  This way I could, ideally, boot from either the External hard drive in the higher OS when needed, or from the internal hard drive when I need to use Snow leopard.  There is a long story here, but I think this is the gist.  I wasn not sure if this should be asked here or in either Lion or Mountain Lion (both of which I have, essentially, ignored since I would not be moving up until I could figure out how to access those old files of forms and drawings00but now I have no choice.  I am panicking now that I HAVE to make the move anbd cannot afford to buy another  Mac just to keep two separately running.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  i asked Apple when Lion came out and they said there was no way to partition (even if I KNEW how to do that) the haaard drive and install both on my iMac-- but I "think" this is a bit different and possible???   Thanks  (once/if I figure this out, I need to figure out how to back-up but that is another matter)