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    Kidson Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Is there an alternative - so I can bounce emails when I choose to do so?

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    petermac87 Level 5 Level 5 (4,205 points)

    Kidson wrote:


    Is there an alternative - so I can bounce emails when I choose to do so?

    You could learn to read.





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    Csound1 Level 8 Level 8 (35,445 points)

    Kidson wrote:


    Is there an alternative - so I can bounce emails when I choose to do so?

    Yup, deletion.

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    georgevargas Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    The develper wrote back and stated "Lion Package works also for 10.8.0 - 10.8.2.".


    Hope that helps.

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    linda25 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I get so  much spam I am sick of it. I was told NOT to send it back because then they keep bugging you.  Then some mentioned the junk box, since delete just puts it the trash. I think the junk box may work the best so far. 


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    linda25 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey,  I think I found a few solutions!  If you put the mail you don't want to recieve anymore in the junk folder," they" eventually stop sending emails.  Also I was told to make another email account as an alias, so it would look just like my email. So I send my family and friends the real email account and the spammers or products the alias email account labled in a different color is a total different account.  You can change the name of aliases.  . Google has a whole couple of pages how to do this, so does Apple support.


    Hope it helps!



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    rivmo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Those of us in this thread who want to use the Bounce icon are not talking about the type of spam where the address is FORGED and often times it's someone we know who we wish we had not given the email address out to and we are trying to make the same kind of point we can make by using the controls in AOL mail that bounce mail back - it can be someone we asked to stop writing us who is trying to get in "the last word" and who we may prefer to use something like AOL with when we need to if we need them to stop writing us at that account instead of thinking we read something  and are just not replying (as in the case of "getting in the last word" type messages). It can be a friend you asked to take that address out of the addressbook because they turn out to show your email address in lists without BCC or they wind up periodically getting viruses or hacked and you don't trust them with that address any more after you've asked them a few times to delete the address and tell them you've changed email addresses (and you may have given them a different one).


    There are many reasons to want to use bounce and personally I'm not using it for the forging spammers, and in some cases where it is a person that is a sort of spammer, but one who I accidentally GAVE the address to myself, as with a politician, it does indeed work to bounce mail back to them after I warn the person once or twice to take me off a list and they may even say they will and still they don't and will continue writing until they get it bounced to them - which does in fact work after you've warned someone, whereas ignoring them doesn't and I don't want it sitting in *any* folder on my computer with them thinking it got to me.


    The guy named "petermac" in here who keeps telling people off assumes that in every case people are bouncing back to someone whose address was forged -- that is not how I ever use it and there are many other reasons to use it -- I don't have to use it but four or so times a year but when i need it, I really need it. Having people writing in here telling people we don't need it is not helping those of us who want and need the Bounce option, and I appreciate George Vargas' having told us how to add it back. Linda, if you don't want to use it, don't. But I do not get helped by being told to use the horrible Junk folder (which I hate and can't turn off, and which is sitting down at the bottom of my MAIL program often holding mail that I wanted to read and reply to and didn't see for days and weeks at a time and is never holding actual spam and is a pain in the neck). I would like the option to permanently turn off Junk when I don't want it. It doesn't work well and the spam filters don't work well either (unlike with AOL mail).


    "Deleting" or giving out my aliases (yes, i use those too for different business reasons) to such people as I don't want having any of my addresses any more is not something I want as my only option when dealing with people I know (not unknowns or forgers) who get into arguments or harass or those who pretend they will take me off a list I got on by mistake and then don't do as asked. I almost never get the type of spam where I never gave them my address in my icloud mail, fortunately (unlike with the domains spammed a lot).


    Only recently for the first time a few weeks ago did I get email from someone I didn't know who was spamming  - it happened twice and writing the person back asking them to stop it and then bouncing did seem to help. I am not still getting mail from them but I really feel uneasy with Apple's lack of good spam controls compared to AOL where I could have messages with certain words or email addresses bounced. The Bounce option has been a help. Those who don't want to use it shouldn't use it and shouldn't keep trying to control what other people can do. Thanks to George Vargas for pointing me to the addback script because it works even with the latest Lion.

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    rivmo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Kidson, the downloaded script does work for me. You have to correctly add it and someone in the past in this thread and elsewhere explained how. I forget how I did it but I think I had to drag it into the top; anyway once you get it in there it works because I use it on rare occasion and I always re-add it when I have to update the Mail program.


    In reply to Kidson's question:



    http://download.cnet.com/Restore-Bounce-Mail-Button-To-Lions-Mail-app/3000-20429 _4-75629050.html



    Does this work in 10.8.2?<<<<<<<

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    rivmo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    We are not spamming by using Bounce; we are bouncing back harassing or misaddressed messages from known senders who are not forging or spoofing and we are returning to sender when necessary, in some cases after asking someone to stop using that email address or to take us off a list we got on somehow by mistake or where someone just mistyped and keeps on after being told to not write there.


    We are informing other Apple users how to add that functionality to their Mail program since it was removed and the method in the download doesn't just work in Snow leopard; I'm using it when I have to in the latest OS, 10.8.2. Calling people names in this thread and trying to disrupt people helping each other is what's flaming and spamming, not the occasional use of the Bounce option that I've been able to add back to my Mail program thanks to this thread. If I didn't have that option I'd have to use the icloud mail a lot less. The main problem I have with icloud mail is weak spam filters when they're needed and a horrible Junk folder that filters out mail from people I want mail from and which I can't turn off (AOL's spam filters seem better but they also get sent a lot more spam).


    Fortunately I don't yet get spam for the most part except mail that sometimes needs sending back from known senders who fail to take me off a list when i ask to be taken off. I hope the day doesn't come I get the mass spoofed mail much like goes to AOL and yahoo accounts. We are not "spamming." The only spamming going on in is the repeated attempts to shut up people helping people to add Bounce back.

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    jonnyss Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i'm also interested in the subject of the the thread.


    it is really striking what a disturbed, arrogant jerk petermac is in repeatedly sabotaging those who are trying to learn something from each other. i sympathize.


    he's also a bit like a spammer in repeatedly posting information that interrupts others and wastes their time.


    if we can't get a bounce functionality, i wonder if we can get anti-petermac functionality.



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    petermac87 Level 5 Level 5 (4,205 points)

      April Fool!!



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    petermac87 Level 5 Level 5 (4,205 points)

    Hey! Here is an idea. Explain to us why and how Bounce works.





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    rivmo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    we already explained it to you about ten times but you're either obtuse or deaf and continue dissing and trolling. I do not use it to spam. I use it to send back a message to someone whose address I recognize, who is not being spoofed and who doesn't listen when I have already told them to stop writing me; whether it be a political list that ignored my requests for them to stop writing me or whether it be just an obnoxious acquaintance. That is the main way I use it - for dealing with obstinate or lazy people who ignore my request that they stop writing.


    It works by sending the message back with an error message to indicate that writing this address again will result in the person not receiving it and this causes the person to stop wanting to write that address if they think they're going to receive a return to sender.


    The only time it's a little insensitive to use it is if the person you use it with is the victim of a hacker who spoofs them to spam you, but if you bounce it back, what that does it get their attention that they have been hacked and appear to others to be spamming, which may help get their attention that they are being spoofed. I would not tend to want to use it in that situation much. I almost always use it in the situation of a known sender who is deliberately sending me mail after I asked them to stop, not in the situation you harp on where someone sending spams is the victim of spoofing.


    In no case does using it equate with the user "spamming." Your arguments are ridiculous and I wish you would leave the conversation because you are adding nothing but useless bickering.

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    petermac87 Level 5 Level 5 (4,205 points)

    rivmo wrote:



    In no case does using it equate with the user "spamming." Your arguments are ridiculous and I wish you would leave the conversation because you are adding nothing but useless bickering.

    Bounce was removed more than two years ago. Everybody else has learnt to live without it. What are you hoping to achieve by trolling old forum posts? This post is nearing two years old, has been marked as answered by the OP and yet a couple of you insist on returning it back to the top for no reason other than to try to prove yourself clever because you still run something that was dropped from computer systems by the developers? You know better than them? Then tell them and not us. We really don't want to hear any more from the two or three of you. Here is the link to Apple feedback, but I am sure they are happy with their decision to drop it. But for the 44th time




    And you may want to leave feedback with Microsoft also, as they don't support Bounce either.




    Happy Easter



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    rivmo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Nice try but your lame attempt at projecting your own trolling (ie insulting, haranguing, and cajoling condescendingly people who began a conversation seeking to advise each other on how to get a feature to work they missed from Mail) on to me is not changing the fact you're trolling and creating unnecessary dissension and unpleasantness in what would otherwise be a group of people helping each other. Clearly everyone did NOT "learn to live without it" and that's why the thread remains.


    You may want to shut everyone up but it keeps coming up because new people look for help and find the thread and then read through it seeing your spiteful comments.


    It doesn't matter what you think Apple "supports"; they are not gods or kings and they are supposed to care what their customers want. Your entire discourse of harangues was off base from the very beginning. You have repeatedly ordered people to make comments where you think they should and we heard you, now drop it.


    You have nothing useful to add to people looking to help each other with Bounce; you irrationally hate it so why don't you butt out of the thread and go where you feel a kinship with thread instead of badgering people relentlessly. We are not your children to spank, troll and badger. Find a thread you like and let this one be for those who care to help new people interested in it.


    Your dislike of Bounce has been duly noted. Get a life.

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