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Hi folks - I have a 64GB iPhone 5.  When wifi is enabled and I am at work (this doesn't occur on any other wifi network that I have yet found) the phone will not go into standby mode (though the screen turns off) as evidenced by the Usage and Standby times being almost identical.  In approximately 3 hours, when wifi is enabled, my phone will go from 100% to below 20% and is quite hot to the touch. The wifi network at my work is WPA2 encrypted, wireless N and G, and 2 SSID's are broadcast for the same network (to support staff whose wireless laptops haven't been switched to the new SSID - don't get me started - it's a stupid setup).  Anyways, the wifi quality is dodgy at past and even though the signal remains strong, internet connectivity frequently drops.  I suspect that the wireless router is defective but I have no control over that and have been ignored by the IT folks. 


To make matters even more interesting, my iPad 4 connects to the same network at work and the battery doesn't drain and the device goes into standby without issue.


If I disable wifi on the phone while at work, the phone goes into standby and the Usage actually reflects the amount of time the device is actually used (a fraction of the total time).


I have reset network settings on the phone, reflashed 6.01 and restored from backup, disabled location services, etc... but to no avail.


Do you think there is a defect with the phone in its ability to handle the dodgy wifi at my work when the iPad manages it fine or is there something else that I could do to stay connected to the wifi without the phone chewing through battery, heating up, and not sleeping?


Thanks folks!

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    Anybody?  :)


    Main question - try new phone; wait to see if 6.1 provides the fix; or accept that it is a freak interaction with the crappy wireless router at work and just disable wifi when I am there regardless of the fact that my cellular data usage is going to take a hit?  Thanks.

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    Hi sjfwhite!
    I've got exactly the same problem with my iPhone 5 (32GB). I talked to the support over the phone and they offerd me to send it in for service. It ended up that I got an new iPhone 5. But the battery just drains for no reason. Talked to the support again, service ...again.

    The apple-support tested to send me a diagnostics test. They coundn't see a problem.

    After all test I've done myself, I think it is the cellular network that is the problem.

    If I put the backside of the iPhone to my ear I hear a sound that is a very high tone. Then when I turned the cellular network of, it didn't sound at all. And the battery works just fine.

    So maybe it could work if you tested a new nano sim.

    Because, the service seems not to work, or as you said wait for an upgrade.