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Bruce Long Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

I just got a new Mac Mini and transferred my old version of Acrobat Pro 8.3.1.  I know that it will have some problems in Mountain Lion, but I only want to do a few simple things. 


When I try to print to PDF and select Adobe PDF 8.0 as the printer (to create a PDF) file, then click "Print", no "Save" dialog box appears to ask where I want the file saved or what it should be named.  It seems to be making a PDF file, since the printer icon appears on the dock for a few seconds, but I can't find the PDF file anywhere.  I tried looking a "All My Files" sorted by date, but they don't seem to be there.


Does anyone know where the PDF files are being placed?


Meanwhile, of course, I am using the Mac's own PDF print option to make my PDF files, but I would prefer to use the Adobe one if possible.