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With iTunes 11, I continue to have Genius Mixes, but have lost my Genius in the sidebar and the button below. Now I can't create my own Genius playlists, a real negative for me. Is it really gone, or can it be hiding? Thanks.

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    It's just stupid but when you generate a Genius Playlist (which is really hard to do now...) it just creates a new playlist onto your saved playlists with the name of the song based upon (it will be on the sidebar which is hidden by default). So. it means that everytime I just want to listen to music, and aks for a Genius playlist it will save it - pilling up as it goes... Why fix something which was clever and worked just fine before...?

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    SilvaLazarus Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    By the way, the only way you have to generate a Genius playlist is by clicking on that right arrow on the song playing on the top and it will bring a menu where you will find the generate Genius Playlits option - but that is if you have Genius On. Ah... and you will need to refresh your Genius infor, because for some reason that option will be disabled with some songs (which where there long ago...) Justa another bug.

    Also, noticed that the number of Plays doesn't work anymore?

    ...and that Search on the top doesn't allow you to do anything?

    Just a buggy version less than beta state...

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    yes not only does it not record the number of times a track has been played, although it stil lhas a field in the database, also it does not record when it was last played.....