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I am furious. I installed this app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ma-jiang-shen-lai-ye-ma-jiang-hd/id448564325?mt= 8 for my mother, a chinese mahjong game. And it put a bunch of crap on my ipad and I have no idea how to remove them.


I have Sina Weibo in my "Settings". And I have Tudou and Youku in my video share list (the list of sites that I can share my video) and Weibo in my photo share list. Any one if there's a way to remove things from setting and the share list?


I am about to factory restore my ipad. But I figured I'll ask here before I do.


Thank you very much.


P.S. I know all these Chinese softwares on computers are bascually like virus, I just didn't expect it this way also in the Apple store. Learned my lesson.