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Hello all,


Here I am, still sitting on my Late 2006 iMac that has ran flawlessly since I got it.  I'm updated to 10.7, but as you all know that's as far as I'm going with the OS on this machine.  I was going to pick up a new Mac earlier this year, but decided that I had better wait until the new ones were announced in October.  Since the October release announcement and going back and forth, I've decided that the removal of the optical drive from the new units, at least for now, has steered me away from them.  I'd also like to see how the super-thin design pans out in the long run.  I'm not entirely confident in knowing that much hardware is seated so closely to the screen - seems like a bad idea.  But, I'm not an engineer and the folks at Apple usually tend to be a little smarter than me at these things, so time will tell I suppose.


I've considered purchasing the Mid-2011 27" model from the refurbished end, but I've been reading some concerns about them.  Yellowing screens, screens mysteriously going blank and some sort of dust collecting anomaly.  Am I missing anything commonly complained about on these??  I think this computer is a better fit for me, but I'm curious to hear about others' experiences with refurbished products from Apple.  They offer the same warranty as a new machine, but I'm guessing that many of these refurbished units are going to be returns from the before-mentioned issues.  I'm wondering if they may have them panned out.  I suppose there isn't much that can be done about dust collecting behind the screen, but the yellowing and screen going blank should be fixable issues without re-engineering (it would seem).


As you can likely tell from my 2006 iMac still being in use, I don't have a huge demand for resources, but I like to be up to date.  Some light video compiling (family stuff), somewhat more intensive photography (Photoshop) and regular e-mail and web are basically the extent of my uses.  Some gaming might occur on occassion, but I usually stick to my consoles for that.


Considering my concerns and uses, would the refurb May 2011 27" be a good move for me?  Or shall I perhaps consider a Mac Mini with an external display instead?  Mac Pro would be nice, but I'm not dropping that kind of cash for a computer at this time.  I like the small footprint of the iMac.  I can make do with a Mini.  Hadn't considered it before now.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  I just like to run these types of questions by the community before I make a purchase.  Points are usually raised that I hadn't previously considered.    

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    The iMac is a very good all-purpose machine, and I purchase just about all of my Macs refurbushed. The reliability is at least as good as a new machine, with the same warranty.


    About "yellowing screen." This is a relatively rare situation, and should be immediately detectable. Your only option would be to return the unit as defective; the replacement would, hopefully, remedy the problem. Reject any unit that doesn't look outstanding.


    I also believe that it's best to wait a year until the super-thin iMacs roll out the kinks, but I'm not as bullish about using a Mini with an external monitor. A regular iMac will likely have a more balanced mix of features, which will be ideal with your modest needs. A refurb 2011 iMac is a good machine that's easy to like.


    Honestly, I'm not familiar with the dust issue.

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    Mac Mini osx Server. You can also connect it to a TV.  Semi portable assuming your destination has a HDMI TV.  Suppose your monitor goes down on your I mac....Now what? at least with the MacMini you can connect it to your TV and get by for a little while. When you are ready for an upgrade in the future you can always use it as a server on a home network. Best bang for your buck with the most future versatility. Plus the thunderbolt port.   When it becomes out dated it should still be able to keep up with the pack.   Tops out at $1567.00 USD. 

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    Thanks for the input.  I think that I've decided to go with the refurb iMac.  The Mac Mini puts me in another situation where I'll have to deal with desk clutter.  I need the optical drive for my photography.  My workflow depends on it.  I suppose I could move over to usb drives, but that seems cost prohibitive at the time.

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    http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD031/airport-extreme-base-station    It's what I use.  I have 2 external harddrives, a printer, and a broadband modem conected.  All 4 use 1 single usb port on the back of the device.  Works great at my neighbors house too.

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    If you really want the newer style just add a USB External Optical drive. Any brand will work, it does not have be an Apple brand and it will be faster and more then likely last longer then the Not So Apple Superdrive. Also they are Tray load instead of Slot load.