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Does anyone know how I can delete the apple i.d. That pops up when I try to do an app update. It is an old one that has been disabled. I have already created a new one that I use on my iPhone and iTunes and it is currently loaded on my iPad.

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    JimHdk Level 7 Level 7 (23,635 points)

    Go to Settings -> iTunes & App Store and touch the Apple ID shown. Select Sign out and then sign on with the new Apple ID.

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    Johnathan Burger Level 6 Level 6 (14,905 points)

    Apps are tied to the Apple ID used to purchase/download them.

    If you have an app that was purchased under the old ID, you will have to continue entering the password for that old ID to update it.

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    It is actually the right apple I.d. When I go there. It is only when I go to do updates in Apps. When I press update all, it brings up the old apple I.d. And asks for the password. It is a very old apple I.d. That my son set up over a year ago and he can't remember the password or the answer to the secret question. I would like to just be able to delete it. I tried to press down to see if it would allow me to sign out, but it doesn't.

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    Oh, I see. I guess I can delete all of the apps and then reinstall ?

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    If it was free and contains no data you need, yep.

    It will make things easier.

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    How Ridiculous, I have the Exact same problem, I have attempted to change it to my new identity but I am unable to log in to the old identity, I can't receive an eMail to prove that I own the identity as I no longer have access to my old email address, so the only alternative is to answer questions..  Yes!! So simple BUT Apple for some reason will not accept my Date of Birth???  Surely after 66 years I should know when I was born?.. But it seems Apple know better?.. I thought Microsoft was awful but Apple are now running a very close second!.. Apple can't help me on this one?.. So all my music, documents and photos are now inaccessible.. When will they introduce a SIMPLE, FOOLPROOF, Migration system so that you can pick up and take everything to your new address without all this hassle..  Is there anyone out there who is brighter than Apple who can help me to Kill my old identity and transfer all of my hard earned Music and Photos PLEASE??