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If you have an Apple computer and log into accounts using Apple ID I understand that iTunes keeps your libraries separate.


I have a non-Apple PC (Asus) running Win7 configured as a server with multiple Windows login ID's (one for each family member). When I log into my account and start iTunes, I see my daughter's music, apparently because she plugged in one time while I was logged in, even before I had any iPod.  Apparently iTunes kicks in any time and starts putting her iTouch stuff into my personal folders.  Now I get my own new iPod Nano - neato (if I could get MY music and not everybody elses).  I plug it in and it starts downloading all my wife & kids' music and even apps.  I delete everything from my iTunes folders and plug in the iPod again and it won't stop downloading other people's stuff from the cloud or something I don't know.  I'm about to throw this new Nano in the trash.  But first, is there a way to keep iTunes from sharing on a PC?  These accounts are supposed to be private, we're not even supposed to see what's in each others person doc folders, iTunes must be some kind of friggin Houdini or something to be able to look into other people's accounts.  So how do I keep it from confounding libraries?  Thanks in advance.

iPod nano, Windows 7