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My iPhone 4S is 1 year old I treated it pretty well I dropped it a few times but it's got a cover so it's safe.

Never really had any major problem with it but lately it freezes in Notification Center almost everyday.

What it does is when I slide down to open the NC window it does come down but before it can even load its contents the phone freezes on the empty NC linen background and I can't take a snapshot of that because it's freezed as said.

Usually if I wait a minute or so the phone will auto restart by itself but a couple times I've had to hold down the on/off button to restart it and once I had to force restart it by holding down both on/off and home buttons.

It's happening more lately whilst before it only happened like twice a month but nothing's changed with my phone ever since...

It kinda bothers me 'cause it takes a couple minutes to bring it back to life when it happens.

As said I just see the empty linen background it doesn't even load the weather or notifications it freezes before it can do that.

Often it happens when no apps are running in the background so it's not like I have a million things running and it crashes.

Anyone have an idea what this is? I hope I won't have to have it changed...

Thank you!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1, Black, 64GB 