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Hi everyone


Bought my 8th Apple machine (iMac 27) about 1 year ago... but since august 2012 when i got a big temperature pb with that i got some kernel panic and a fatal one that wouldn't let my iMac boot (about 80°C somewhere inside, dont remember which one) my machine doesn't want to work properly...



in august go to go to Apple Store " Rue de Rive " in Geneva for that problem explained above they told me it can be something with my system (wow nothing done on my system that could affect temps) i reinstalled and problems continued safari crash 5, 6, 8, 10 time each day.. after that kernel panic came back then again the fatal one that kept me away from using my machine without install again... re installed again and again 2 time but i couldnt install the normal way ( <alt>   -->> then choose recovery HD...  i had to use an external USB HDD to format completely my internal HDD so i could install again on it but when installing iLife i wouldn't install left it aside and started using something else to manage my pictures (that's isn't the problem) 


got the same problem again kernel panic go back again at apple Store they finally changed my HDD but the same problem cam again (safari crash, Firefox crash, Skype crash, Adium crash sometimes mail too, etc etc... ) got my iMac back there again 4th time.. they let me know that everything is just working fine (wow that's is apple ?! never see that since about 10 years i'm using Apple product)


they again told me i have to make a proper install and everything would be fine, and it would be even better if i'm not using Time Machine backup ( i told every people there when talking that i'm not using at all Time Machine) this morning he told me that again 2 times in 5 minutes (i was just telling him about i dont use it 3 minutes ago, wow maybe he hast heard that...)


about 5 months i have the same problem, about 5 time reinstalled, 1 hard drive changed and they dont want to understald that there may be another problem than my installed system and the hard drive...


*** do i have to do to make them do their work as they should... maybe someone has to come live here with me keeping an eye at all i'm doing on my iMac  until it crashes again and after that he could considere i'm using my machine the right way and maybe there is something wrong with the hardware somewhere on my iMac ?!


They really are the best selling iThings, they are the best creating iNeed, but they are also the best with iDontcare when a problem is there...

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), temps up to 80°C then ouch !!
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    Ouch, sad tale!??


    Is there anything connected to it at home that wasn't at the Store?

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    the only differences on connected things are my wacom graphic tablet and my second screen...


    i'm using this screen now on my MacBook Pro 15" and same for my graphic tablet... but there is no problems... i was using it too with my iMac 21.5 i had before the 27 one and on my wife's MacBook...


    so.. dont think the problem is here...

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    Cedric Degeneve wrote:




    so.. dont think the problem is here...

    Have you checked out the temperature of your hardware?  If not that might be a reasonable place to start.  If some component--particularly the CPU--is overheating you could get the symptoms you have reported.  One place to start is by resetting the PMU and SMU--perhaps something has gotten out of 'sync'


    If resetting the SMU and PMU doesn't work for you and the temperatures are OK then I believe it may be an issue beyond solution in these forums.

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    Right now i dont know and cant check for temperatures... my iMac is at the apple store near my home and they (from what i think) laughing at me..  but all the problems started after some high temperatures... the manager there this morning was looking at me and i could see in his eyes that he didn't really care about what i was telling him


    there are the temperature (took them in August 2012


    CPU A HEATSINK  :  56°C     (132,8°F)


    CPU A PROXIMITY  :  59°C     (138,2°F)


    DISPLAY SCREEN PROXIMITY  :  54°C     (129,2°F)






    MAIN LOGIC BOARD  :  59°C     (138,2°F)


    OPTICAL DRIVE  :  50°C     (122°F)


    POWER SUPPLY POSITION 2  :  72°C     (161,6°F)


    PRIMARY HEATSINK  :  71°C     (159,8°F)


    SMART DISK WD....  :  58°C     (136,4°F)


    SECONDARY HEATSINK  :  81°C     (177,8°F)


    CPU CORE 1  :  59°C     (138,2°F)


    CPU CORE 2  :  60°C     (140,0°F)


    CPU CORE 3  :  61°C     (141,8°F)


    CPU CORE 4  :  62°C     (143,6°F)


    Screenshot from temperature monitor in August before everything goes wrong...  :



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    TADAAAAA !!!!


    dont know how comes and dont want to know... maybe my post here and on FB... maybe just the guy at apple store understood that there was really something wrong with my machine...


    the thing is that they called me in december to let me know they were going to change my iMac... but i'll have to wait 'till Jan 2013 because they cant give me the same one as i have.. but i'll get the new one super slim ...


    they called me on 04.01.2013 to let me know my mac was at the store and have to bring mine back then would go with the new one... thing done and everything is ok...


    Thanx Apple...