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Is there a bug in itunes11. It seems that when I now purchase music sometimes the music is added to my library & sometimes it just goes to the cloud. I then have to go to the itunes store, click on purchased music,find what I just bought & then click on the cloud icon so the music gets added to my library.

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    Hi Ernie,


    Can you explain perhaps where you are purchasing the music to begin with?  Are you:

    1. purchasing on your iDevice and its not downloading automatically to your computer,
    2. purchasing on your computer and not downloading on your computer
    3. purhcasing on your computer and not downloading automatically to your iDevice (ie iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, etc...)


    You may want to check these settings to ensure they are set correctly to get the behavior you are automatic behavior you are looking for:


    • In iTunes 11(for MAC), go to iTunes -> Preferences -> and click on the Store tab/icon at the top.  You will probably much want every box checked except the few at the bottom about feedback and playback.  Note: the automatic downloads only occurs when you 1) start iTunes, and 2) Click on Store -> Check for Available Downloads.  
    • On your iDevices, go to settings, iTunes & App Stores, and then turn Music = ON if you want new purchases from the iTunes store to automatically download.  Note: you will need to watch your space constraints if you generally keep your iDevice pretty full of content at all times. 


    Give that a go and see if it helps you any further. 

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    Music is being purchassed on my imac. I just read on one of the boards that yes their is a bug in itunes 11. when I find it I will post for you

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    Just found this on the itunes for mac board so I will just wait for a update now


    Dec 8, 2012 11:09 AM



    Since upgrading to iTunes 11, any song that I purchase on the iTunes store looks like it downloads, but it doesn't show up in my music library, nor does it show up under my purchased playlist. I have to go back to the store and buy the song again and then iTunes will give me the message that I have already purchased this item and I can download it for free. Then after downloading it again, it finally shows up in my library and purchased playlist. THIS HAPPENS WITH EVERY PURCHASED SONG SINCE iTunes 11. I HATE THIS!!!!!! PLEASE FIX ASAP>>>>>>

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    That all looks really weird on my iPhone.  Ill look at it all later.


    I had an issue with new episodes of a tV show downloading but then not showing in library.  I closed out of iTunes and Reopened it. I then saw the newly downloaded TV Shows. I'm working with Apple on a separate issue of shows showing up new but as watched vs unwatched.  It could be related because when I manually mark them as watched and them check for downloads again they go back to watched.  But not all files/shows do it.  It seems random at this stage.


    But see if the close reopen works for you next time you buy.  You could also text with free music or TV shows offerred on iTunes.

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    not sure what happened. when I orginally copied & pasted  everything looked good now it is all weird like you said. Just as easy if I just go to purchassed music in store & redownload if not in library. Hopefully update will fix this.

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    Actually I would try the close / reopen method.  Because in once case I went to purchased, redownloaded from the cloud, and closed / reopened later... I had 2 copies of the same episodes ;)

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    yea, its is strange, all the music always is added to the status bar on the bottom of library, just not added to library. next time I will try your way.. Hope the next update solves this issue. As for itunes match it is working perfect for me. If I add a new playlist or add music to a playlist or import new cd's or buy music on my imac one minute later it is on my iphone & ipad without using the syn cables. the only change I would like to see is the ability to remove single songs, albums etc. unless I am doing something wrong we don't have that option on the iphone anymore & now have to delete all music from phone.

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    Ya - see what happens next time with the close / reopen.  I thought something hiccuped with the iTunes Store that night/day.  And I had woken up with the flu, chills and fever that day.  So I cant be too sure if it was me or iTunes.  LOL 


    Okay - getting rid of a single song is sorta tricky.  You have to get to a song listing some way, somehow.  One way is to pull up the album it is from, and then touch and slide from right to left (or perhaps left to righ - going off memory here).  You wil see a DELETE button off to the right in red. 


    Note: doing this in a playlist will only delete the song from the playlist.  You have to be in the album song listing or the list of songs in the Music App. 


    That is how to do it on the iOS device.  Do you need to know how to also delete it from iTunes Match?  If its an iTunes Purchase it will always be available and not count toward your limit.  So no need to remove it, not would you want to in case you need it.    That is the nice thing about iTunes Match and iTunes in the cloud... its a free way to back up your media. 

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    I remember that you could delete single songs before but now I think it is all or nothing as I just tried to delte a single song by swping but the red delete no longer shows. The way it works now is every time you listen to a song it automically is downloaded to the phone & then you lose phone space. If i run out of space on the phone all I need to do is go to setting, usage, music app ,swipe and all the music is off the phone again

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    Ya - I saw a few other threads tonight that said you cant delete individual albums/songs from MUSIC if iTunes match is enabled.  I do iTunes WiFi Sync now with my computer and iPhone/iPad. 


    I find that most of my new music comes from iTunes anyway any more.  I was a DJ for 10+ years and got tons of music from a number of sources. So iTunes Match was a nice option, but I had to select half my library to try it out.  It just was not worth splitting my library up to stay under 25k songs. 


    I also just bought new music from iTunes tonight.  It downloaded pronto and was visible and available right away in iTunes 11.  It wasn't due to a cloud view or something because it didnt have the little iCloud download icon next to it.  I just sync'd them to my iPhone 5. 


    So perhaps its an iTunes Match/iTunes 11 combo issue? 

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    Yea, Its hit & miss when you purchase music now. At least I know how to get my purchased music from the cloud into my library until the next update comes out. I'm assuming it will be fixed with the next update. I have my entire collection on my phone. 28,000 songs. a lot is purchassed. I could never listen to all my music on my phone. before itunes match came out I just put my playlists on the phone & that was plenty of music. Itunes match is good. I renewed again but there is really no reason for me to walk around with my entire collection on my phone

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    Apple Adds Duplicate Finding with iTunes 11.01


    6:23 PM EST, Dec. 13th, 2012 · Bryan Chaffin · Product News

    iTunes 11At long last, Apple has added the ability to find duplicate songs in iTunes with the release ofiTunes 11.01. The update also fixes an issue with iTunes Match and makes iTunes more responsive when searching large libraries.

    Apple's patch notes:

    This update to the new iTunes addresses an issue where new purchases in iCloud may not appear in your library if iTunes Match is turned on, makes iTunes more responsive when searching a large library, fixes a problem where the AirPlay button may not appear as expected, and adds the ability to display duplicate items within your library.

    iTunes 11.01 is showing up in the Mac App Store, but with the patch notes for version 11.0. You can, however, update to version 11.0.1 using that mechanism.

    The above notes came from Apple's Downloads site. The download link on that page takes you to the main iTunes download page, where were able to successfully download a standalone installer for version 11.01.

    If you click through to the KnowledgeBase article from the Downloads site, you will (currently) be taken to the patch notes for version 11.0. This will likely be fixed Soon™, but users can get the update with the two methods noted above.

    Note that iTunes for Windows 64 was also updated to version 11.0.1 with the same patch notes. Windows users can find the update through the Apple Updater utility in Safari or iTunes, or use the main iTunes download page.