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I have an iphone 4s and yestereday the maps disappeared. I have the map icon but when I go into it there are no maps there. It knows where i am but I cannot see any roads etc.


Can anyone suggest anything.

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    Appleswitched from the old Google Maps to Apple Maps so it may look different. But there are settings to change to satellite view or hybrid view if you tap the lower right corner where it looks like a peeling piece of paper


    If you want google, your only option is maps.google.com and you can add it to the homescreen.


    Check the forum as there are a lot of unhappy people and Tim Cook published an apology to customers.

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    I just saw that I may have misunderstood.


    You can try a hard reset by pressing the sleep/awake button and the home button together for 10 to 15 seconds until the phone reboots and then see if the maps app resets and starts working. If not, try a shutdown and restart.

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    I tried both of your suggestions and the maps page is still blank. If I choose hybrid or satellite the screen just goes black.


    I get the red pin on the page and the flashing blue circle but nothing else.


    Do you know if I can restore the map app.


    Thanks in advance.

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    I have the same problem. I've tried resetting and turning the phone on and off with no luck. This is ridiculous.

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    Hi 2hype2000.


    The problem is now solved for me. I phoned Apple support who informed me that the IO6 update was probably not completed successfully on my phone and they told me to restore the original settings. This I have done and the maps are now working.


    However, make sure you have everything backed up first. I did, but still had issues getting my apps back on my iPhone. They were in iTunes and i had to put them back on. A bit of a pain if you have a lot and use directories like i do, but at least it is all back now.


    Good luck.

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    My Maps icon has disappeared too.  Unfortunately, with 47 apps in 8 folders, I'm don't feel the Apple Map app is worth having to reload and format everything.


    The "restore will to factory defaults" will reproduce the Map app, but if I follow that with ""restore from backup" to load all my apps and settings, it will delete it again.


    Grrrr!  Apple should have a way to permit us to download it's 10 core apps when this happens, rather than telling us to start from scratch again.

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    Same for me too. Just suddenly stopped working last week. Was fine before .