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I have a wireless apple mighty mouse that had previously worked on bootcamp with windows 7, but now windows won't even recognize any bluetooth enabled devices.  On the mac side the mouse and bluetooth works fine, but not on windows.  Is there some sort of driver that is now missing?  Where can I download a new driver if that's the problem?

MacBook Pro, Windows 7
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    I need to know this too! Im having problem pairing my jambox with the osx side hopefully a driver would rememdy this problem on the window side

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    Just found the solution from another forum


    You may try it and tell me how it goes


    Right click on "Computer" in the start menu and select "Properties"

    Click on "Device Manager" in the left column.

    Open "Bluetooth Radios"

    Select "Generic Bluetooth Adapter". Open it and select the "Driver" tab.

    Click "Update Driver"

    Click "Browse my computer for driver software"

    Click "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

    Click off "Show compatible hardware" --MS is stupid where this is concerned.

    Select "Apple Inc." from the Manufacturer column.

    For me, I know I have a Broadcom chip, so I selected "Apple Broadcom Built-in Bluetooth"

    Click Next. Windows may try to dissuade you from installing the driver, but force it to anyway.



    There saying that there is 2 blue tooth driver, one is generic by window 7 and the other is by apple.

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    I'm pretty sure I'm following this correctly, but I don't even see "bluetooth radios" on the Device Manager menu. 

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    I think I may be missing all of the bluetooth software

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    I too am having an issue where bluetooth doesnt even show up in device manager. I've tried reinstalling the drivers from bootcamp 4.0 and also from Snow Leopard installation disc with no joy.

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    I'm having this problem too - no discovery of bluetooth devices - but I already see "Apple Broadcom Built-in Bluetooth" (which came from bootcamp 4.0 installation by the way). Bluetooth service is running in Services too. Can't figure this out.



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    My problem ended up being that I installed the Motion Joy driver for a PS3 controller on Windows 7 for emulators. The Motion Joy driver ended up screwing up the Bluetooth driver. It could be that there is an unsigned driver or something that is interfering with it.

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    i uninstalled motionjoy but still can't see bluetooth radios on device manager .

    any suggestions ?

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    Hi to anyone who has installed the Motion Joy drivers!

    I have fixed it!!

    You need delete the motion joy drivers manually before unistalling the motion joy device. Go to driver details and you should see a driver called mij.... (cant remember the rest) browese to its location, delete it and then uninstall the motion joy device. Restart your mac and it should then find the hardware as a standard bluetooth device.

    Sorry that it's not the most concise guide but I figured it out by simply trying everything and was amazed when it actually worked!

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    Thanks, rossturville, this fixed the exact same problem for me.

    I'd forgotten that I had recenly been using MotionJoy and had been playing with the Driver section in it.  It installed an alternative driver with no error messages - and worked great for the purpose (using my PS3 controller). I did not realise it had made my Bluetooth adaptor invisible to Windows. (Apparently at a very low level - so strange that Windows can't see it at all - even to say whether a driver is loaded or not.)