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Good afternoon everyone. I have a relatively simple question that should be able to be answered by people more knowledgable than I. I have a registered domain on a static IP - macserved.com from GoDaddy.


I have set up my OS X server as-

Primary Zone - macserved.com

Machine - server.macserved.com

Alias www.macserved.com


Reverse DNS seems to be ok and changeip checks out

Primary address     =


Current HostName    = server.macserved.com

DNS HostName        = server.macserved.com



When I'm on my LAN:

I CAN access HTTP://server.macserved.com from Safari and I get the default 'Welcome to Server' landing page.

I CANNOT access www.macserved.com from Safari


When I am not on my LAN:
I CAN access www.macserved.com, but NOT HTTPS, only HTTP.

I CANNOT access server.macserved.com


I know this is a DNS/Web site setup issue, however I am not familiar with it enough to finish. What I want to do is, whether connected to my LAN or not, I want to be able to access the default landing page when i browse to server.macserved.com but when I point to www.macserved.com I want my wordpress blog to come up.


Any advice? Let me know what you guys need and I can give more info. Thanks!

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    You will need to add an address record A or alias CNAME to your external and/or internal name servers. I can only check the external NS and doing so shows only a record for www, but not for server. Probably the other way around on your internal name server.




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    thank you! my mac is currently at the apple store getting a cd drive replaced, but once i get it back, i will try that out. Thanks!!