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Re: OS X Server 10.8.1


After months of fiddling with Server 10.7 server overcoming all of its defects and deficiencies, and finally getthing things going, I've migrated to OS X Server 10.8 and now a new slew of bugs, defects and deficiencies have appeared.


1) OS X Server 10.8 WebDAV service breaks _clients_ set up to use Server 10.7 -- by failing silently. This means every _client_ must be adjusted to fix the problem.

2) Profile Manger is broken after Migration. Very fragile. Error messages are cryptic. No documentation or theory of operation provided by Apple.

3) WebDAV public access does not work at all.

4) WebDAV log-in requires short user name, which is different than AFP access, but does not inform the user of problem or how to fix it.

5) The webdavsharing_mapper technology is extremely complicated, buggy, and undocumented, except for the actual .conf files themselves. No theory of operation provided by Apple. The relevant logs are in obscure, hard-to-reach areas that Console cannot access.

6) In OS X Server 10.8, the SVN module was silently dropped from Apache server. Attempts to restore it using WebApp functionality have failed. This worked fine on Server 10.7.

7) Absolutely clean install/setup usually fails to complete successfully in one way or another. Last time, it took about 4 tries to get through the setup without some error or glitch.

8) Can't seem to migrate SSL certs from server to server without breaking something.


OS X Server 10.8 is not software that "just works." In fact, it is broken out of the "box" and will require endless hours of fiddling in Terminal, pouring over obscure Open Source documentation, posting multple questions on these Discussions (which are not staffed by Apple support personal, thereby making _us_ Apple's volunteer tech support department, aka "The Blind Leading the Blind") -- after which time the server will still be spouting cryptic error messages into the log that have no meaning and no resolution.


The only consolation is that OS X Server costs only $19.99, which is less than some games, so if you consider twidling Bash commands fun, this might be a good buy. In fact, as a techno-nerd hacking challenge game, it would be awesome. For business-critical services, I'd say stay away.


What problems have other users encountered with OS X Server 10.8?

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    You need to look what works best for you. I can't think of a more user friendly platform than Mac OS. User friendly usually means that there aren't many options, but with OS X Server (Mountain Lion) there are - like before - still all options to be configured, you just need to look harder to find them. The benefit of this is that users need to educate themselves and thus are forced to understand what they are doing before they can - unlike with Server Admin where you could click many - but not all - settings of the pallet available to you from the command-line.


    Although the Server Admin GUI is no longer available to you, you do have an extended Server.app and you can download Workgroup Manager 10.8.


    I understand you are disappointed, I was too at first, I too let myself be discouraged, but I love OS X Server now and I hope you will too at some point.

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    Robert Assum Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Larry,


    my experiences with updating from Lion Server 10.7.4. to 10.8 were quite good. I haven't had any problems at all. I don't use WebDav at all but everthing else look quite good. Also have to damit that the management tool server.app looks much more mature than the old server admin in Lion.


    BUT what really concenrns me and also makes me angry is that OS X Server is only a toy and nothing serious anymore. I really regret to put so much money in OS X devices and just bought all this stuff when Apple stopped to do serious business. After XServe and SL Server there's nothing left what could be used for more than 5 users in one location. The doucumentation is horrible the configuration possibilities for the services just poor. DHCP removed, Radius removed. Every day I check the web and hope that server.app 10.8.2 will add the missing features. Otherwise I'll just try to sell all this toys away and that was it.


    The point for me is not that the server is as cheap as possible. It would be ok for me to spend more money if there just would be something good available. I think iCloud will be the only supported way in furture and this is only for consumers without any concerns about data security but for sure not business customers.

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    BlueTiger Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Agreed Huge Apple Fail, fine it's twenty bucks but I'd rather the server worked then cost buttons!

    Sharing Permissions are just not the same and trying to deny a user acces to a volume or folder take a lot of head banging.

    The DHCP setup is GONE! Unless you've got hours to screw with in Terminal.

    Why would any company take away functionality?

    It should be EASIER TO USE NOT MORE COMPLEX and frustrating...

    Also *** is the documentation?

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    Mark23 Level 3 Level 3 (975 points)
    1. DHCP is not gone...
    2. Apple likes to innovate, they are one of the few companies around that don't imitate...
    3. Documentation is here: http://help.apple.com/advancedserveradmin/mac/10.8/
    4. It is easier, there is just less room for error
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    FlorianLeo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Mark


    I'd like to reply to 4:


    Even after I did a complete new installation of ML-Server or OS-X-Server (call it however you prefer) ALL of my iOS Devices can't login to Wiki-Server, while my MBPs all can (no matter which version)

    I'd like to hear a sound explantation on this from you.

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    FlorianLeo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Larry,


    I started with Lion Server last year - it drove me mad ever since. Podcastproducer, on a regular basis, crashed the whole server The most terrible thing was the update 10.7.3! The Release Notes stated an improovement on Podcastproducer - yeah well - did the update, gave it the first job, and boom again - completely broken - one service after the other started failing, like before. But the best thing is still to come - it's called backup and restore! I wanted to restore the 10.7.3 minutes before I started the PCP - Kernel Panic. The server didn't boot anymore. Thank God I still had a 2 week old 10.7.2 backup, which I could restore and let the server run again. iOS devices (no matter which version) wheren't able to do the login at the wiki-server.


    I put a lot of hope in the 10.8. Server - I guess there aren't many more ways to dissapoint people - no PCP, no Webmail (which I rely heavily on) anymore, iOS devices still can't login to wiki(s) while my MBPs can (is doesn't matter which Version - even MS-Windows devices can *cryingoutloud*), Profilemanager is simmilar to Pandoras Box, ServerApp is behaving like a schizophrenic, access-management for the wiki-server is completely flawed when it comes to grant privileges to groups (it doesn't work even though users are members of the groups that have write-privilege on wikis - they do not receive write-permission unless you add the person itself with the write-privilege).


    I challenge any wise-guy out there to fix my server - I am willing to roally rewarding this guy - but, for all you fastdrawers/quickdrawers, you'd better hide if this machine fails sooner or later again.

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    Hello Blue Tiger,


    couldn't agree more - I am willing to spend more money on a server as long as it works for me, instead of me working for it. None of my sensitive data is ever going into the cloud - even the nonsensitive isn't. I travel a lot and I can't afford unlimited 3G (or equivalent) contracts in 5 different countries. I need a lot of data with me all the time - and additionally I need to access data on my server.


    BTW - who has ever tried data-roaming?! 1€ for 100KB (ya - onehundred Kilobytes - not thousand, not mega...). With these completely cracked rates a 5MB MP3 download would cost you €50,-??!! I don't know who most people make their money - and I don't care - what I do care about is a mindset that believes my back is the equivalent of the royal mint.


    I have this eary feeling that OS-X Server ever since 10.7.X is headed into the same direction - the hardware is expensive - I don't care that the Software is cheap. American cars are cheap too, and still - at the first serious corner your are going to understeere into the tree aside the road......

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    the blind leading the blind

    When will the one-eyed finally show up! He could be the king of all blinds