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iPod Classic will not sync properly since installed new iTunes. Always stops at or around song 2 and just hangs there, even if left all night. Tried restoring the iPod, made no difference. Tried syncing just some songs, sometimes it will do 20 or so but not more than that - and I have 10,000 songs.

Saw something about problem with Winsock and reset that but no effect.

Recently been re-recording CDs in Apple Lossless with 'Convert to AAC' selected for iPod. Maybe the conversion process is causing the block? But it did not before.


I also tried moving the itunes material from the Synology NAS to the PC as I thought the processing power might be the problem. It synced once after that, now it is blocked again. Tonight I tried selecting only the original AAC files and it seems to have worked for them, my problem therefore seems to be the Apple Lossless - unless the syncing of AAC files is another one-off.


Not for the first time I wish I had not updated iTunes because it so often leads to problems of some kind. Why do they not care?



iPod classic, Windows 7