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    I wouldn't restore the backup. That has been a known problem creator for every phone to date. Yes it ***** and I've done it both with and without issues, but I wouldn't.

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    I agree. I did this already with no change. I stopped trying to fix this problem, and wait for IOS 6.1 to come out by the end of this month.

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    Renewing the wifi lease on my iPhone resolved the issue for me

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    Do you mean 6.0.1 ?

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    Shanon.Roberts wrote:


    Perform a BACKUP of this config from the factory

    Then do a RESTORE of your original ?


    I'd be cringing as well


    Though its a bit of a drive for you isnt it ?


    That is exactly what I did.  I backed up the new one with a new name.  Then I restored the backup I had taken of the faulty iPhone 5 this morning before I returned it.  I don't have all my music loaded back onto it yet, but I can't imagine why that would make any difference.


    So far, everything works.  I have turned WiFi off and on, and it discovers all the SSIDs available within a few seconds.  I have walked out of WiFi range, put the phone to sleep, and walked back.   WiFi came right back on.   It may be too early to call it fixed, but based on everything I've seen so far, it seems to be.  This sure looks like it was a hardware problem, at least in my case. 

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    I came across this Articule, i wonder if this might have something to do with WiFi issues, LTE connectivity problems etc ?


    http://www.crn.com.au/News/315769,how-kogan-can-sell-the-iphone-5-cheaper-than-a pple.aspx


    Note the below paragraph:

    Apple was forced to create three separate models of its latest iPhone in order for it to work with global LTE networks. Australia comes under the banner of the A1429 GSM model, which Hong Kong is also listed under.


    I wonder if certain Iphone 5's were shipped off to wrong countries thus causing all these communication issues ?

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    All my laptops = 35+mbps upload

    Ipad = 35mbps upload

    iphone4s = 35mbps upload

    iphone3s = 35mbps

    iphone5 = 2.5mbps GARBAGE!!!!

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    Just a quick update -- everything is still working marvelously with the replacement iPhone 5 this morning.  No problems with charging overnight (old dock with an adapter), WiFi working fast from all rooms of the house, hasn't dropped once.  I'm calling it solved.

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    I meant 6.1. Its in beta right now, and I am hearing it will be release before Christmas or shortly after the New Year.

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    I ended up letting them talk me into another exchange instead of returning it (I have until Jan 7th to return it), the new one does exactly what the old did..  If they come out with an update that fixes the WiFi before the 7th I'll keep it it, if not I'll return it.


    I have no problem seeing any hot spots, web browsing isnt bad, but it wont hold a HD yotube stream or even a low bitrate audio stream.  And when it drops out it takes forever to reconnect.  I can take my old IP4 and it will stream non-stop until battery goes dead anywhere near my house.  The IP5 will drop out of a stream 10 feet from the router, even while speedtest shows 30Mbs, hoping its a software thing..

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    I am on my 3rd Iphone 5 with the same issues, Bad battery, gets too hot, and the biggest issue wifi is slow and disconnects. While exchanging my last one the apple employees made me feel like crap. They kept giving me reasons it could be my fault, when i asked them if they new of these problems they told me no and that it is not a known issue. I laughed and replied to them, do you not read online because there are tons of forums and even youtube videos for these issues. Their reply to that was that many people lie and just because its online doesnt mean its true. Any way they still swapped my phone again only because i started to make a huge scene only to find this phone as the same issue AGAIN. I have been with a iphone for the last 5 years and never had problems with the device or customer service, but now that this issue has come up i think apple is just denying the problem to avoid mass amount of people coming to the stroes demanding replacements. With that said I have decided to leave apple as my phone provider and I am currently waiting for my Samsung Note 2 to arrive in the mail which was given to me free of charge by AT&T for being with them for 14 years and having so many issues with Apple this go around. So good luck fellow iphone users, hope a update comes in the near future but i cant wait and will not put up with apples treatment towards me the last couple of weeks. I will be selling my iphone on craigslist and spending that money ordering x-mas presents on my new Samsung.

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    I've been in the same boat as you. I'm currently on my 3rd iPhone 5 and every single one of them have had the same issue. AT&T said if I wanted another iPhone, I should go through Apple. Otherwise, they would be happy to get me a replacement of another brand. So, I called Apple last Fri and was immediately transferred to a senior advisor. She said she was going to send my case to the engineers and would call me after she heard from them. She called back later that day and said she was surprised she heard back from them so soon, but they were interested in my case. The engineers gave her a list of things for us to do (restore the router to factory settings, update firmware, etc.), but of course nothing worked. Finally, she had me to download a configuration program on the computer and plug the phone in so that it could record the activity. After we did that, I sent the activity log file to her and she said she was going to forward it to the engineers to review. She told me she would get back to me early this week and of course I still haven't heard anything. After calling and emailing her with no success, I spoke with another senior advisor and he said I would have to speak with her since she was assigned to the case. He did say that there were some notes about my case saying that I would need to contact Netgear about it. Ummm excuse me, but that has nothing to do with wifi not connecting/being slow with public wifi! He also said a few things implying that it was MY fault. Tomorrow is the last day of my 14 days to get another phone with AT&T, so I am also going to get the Samsung Note 2. I'm tired of Apple ignoring this problem and trying to chase them down. I've had an iPhone for the last 4 years and loved it (when it worked the way it should), but I refuse to be stuck with a phone that won't work properly and use up my data. Goodbye Apple!

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    This whole situation has been very frustrating. I noticed when I went to a nearby town that has LTE that it was REALLY fast. Faster than my broadband at home (on the iPhone). Since then, I've done some testing and troubleshooting and reading and testing and...you get the idea. So for me, here's the bottom line:


    Home setup:

    • Charter Cable Internet - consistently shows between 10-20Mbps on iMac, MacBook Pro, 1st Gen iPad, 3rd Gen iPad using testmy.net as a speed test.
    • AirPort Extreme Dual-band router (5th Gen) - latest firmware available
    • All iOS devices and Macs are updated to the most recent software available for them (iOS 5.1 for the 1st Gen iPad)
    • Inconsistent results on my iPhone 5 on Wifi. testmy.net usually shows under 1Mbps - around the 400-500K range. Using the Speedtest App - it shows 70Mbps so it's obviously not reliable.


    Troubleshooting steps (based on what I've read on the forums - here, Macrumors, etc.)

    • Disable all Wifi security - no change
    • Try multiple routers (I have 4 different with 3 different firmwares between them) - no change
    • Different DNS settings (tried Google's free DNS servers) - no change
    • Disabled LTE & Cellular data period - no change
    • Reset all settings and erased all data on phone - no change
    • Checked with friend using iPhone 5 w/iOS 6.0.1 using testmy.net - on a 10Mbps DSL - on his phone he gets between 5-7Mbps consistently.

    At this point, I decided to call Apple Support and here was my experience:


    I spoke with a support specialist who, when I told him I was having slow WiFi issues on my iPhone 5, informed me "We've been instructed to send all iPhone 5 WiFi issues directly to our senior representatives (or specialists - basically tier 2 support). I spoke with the new rep and he asked if I had tried restoring my phone by connecting it to iTunes and completely reinstalling iOS from scratch. I had not. He was going to walk me through it but I didn't have my cable at the time so he gave me his direct number and extension and said "if the restore doesn't work then we're going to talk about replacement options." I restored the phone and same issues - even without restoring my backup (which he told me not to do in case some settings were to blame). I tried calling the rep back directly, left a voicemail, didn't hear back so I decided - with my case number - to call another rep.


    On this call, the first tier guy acted like he knew nothing about this as any kind of "known issue" (he didn't immediately escalate my call nor when I told him that's what happened last time did he escalate my call). Instead, he decided to try troubleshooting a few things - I told him I'd tried everything and I was informed I'd be getting a replacement. Then he said, "well, what we'll have to do is send you a temporary phone, you'll send back yours, we'll repair it, send it back, then you send in the temp phone." I was like, "what? I was under the impression it would be a simple swap." He replied, "Well, you can talk to a senior level tech and they might have a process of which I'm not aware." So now I'm talking to a DIFFERENT senior tech who sees the notes but also acts as if this is something he's never heard of before. I mentioned how LTE was much faster than my WiFi to which he responded "well, that's actually the case as of now." To which I said, "then why is my WiFi on my other devices working like it should?" I insist that I'm not trying to get a new phone for no reason - I just want my WiFi to work like it should! Long story short - he finally decides everything has been done (he didn't try anything different) and sends me a replacement phone.


    I received the phone today which was preloaded with iOS 6.0 and I immediately bypassed any setup I could to just use a "barebones" setup. I connected it to WiFi - same problem. I upgraded to iOS 6.0.1 through iTunes. Same problem.


    Right now I'm in the process of re-storing from backup. The initial phase is done and it's now downloading apps at a snails pace. I realize I have gigs of apps - (16GB iPhone 5 here, probably 5-7GB of apps) - but each individual app is taking much longer than I know it should. Even the smaller apps are downloading rather slow. Not only that but when attempting to download a 4-6MB podcast, it takes several minutes.


    My wife's iPhone 4S also seems to be having the same issue running iOS 6.0.1 - I haven't tried restoring it yet.


    So many people have mentioned so many random fixes that seem to randomly and inconsistently fix the problem. What I can't figure is - if it's a hardware issue, then why is my wife's 4S having the same problem? If it's software, why ISN'T my friend with a 5 having the problem? If it's a router issue - why are my computers and iPads working fine but the iPhones are not? It would seem like a software issue at this point with iOS but most people who are running the latest beta of iOS 6.1 seem to be reporting the issue still exists there. This is very frustrating to say the least.

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    Just received two new iPhones 5's and both have this issue. Tried various fixes, but none of them work permanently. Toggling WiFi ON/OFF or pressing the "Renew Lease" option fixes the problem for a while. Speed is about 40Mbps down, 30Mbps up when working fine, but 1Mbps down and 5Mbps up when the problem kicks in.

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    What site and/or App(s) are people using for testing the speed? Based on my extremely high results from the Speedtest.net App, I don't think it's accurate. Testmy.net seems to work consistently - any others?