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In Numbers app, is there any way of entering fractions under a fraction format (e.g. '1/2' then '1/3' then '1/4', etc. whatever) in a pop-up menu list?


When I am trying to do so, the first item is understood as a fraction number (say '1/2' as 0.5), but then, the second item is misinterpreted as a text string (say '1/3' is interpreted as '"1/3"', a text string, not a number!).


Is there a way of bypassing this bug? How can I list fractions in a pop-up menu? (not the same problem with Slider/Stepper formats, it seems but not as convenient - if only possible - as with pop-up menu).


How can  I report this bug to the APPLE development team? This just terribly annoying, frustrating, time-consuming, disturbing, etc. etc. in some specific cases and this does not inspire trust at all (I am coming from the leading spreadsheet brands on office desktops). Is there any way of reporting such bugs and terrible omissions?


Thank you in advance for your help!

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 5.1.1
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    Seems you might have to tell the program that 1/2 is suppose to mean .5. Otherwise, it is just guessing. When I enter 1/2 into a popup, it is recognized as a date (Jan 2).


    You can tell it that you want it as a fraction by formatting cells as Fraction, then select the cells and format as popup.


    So, try putting the fractions into cells first (make sure to format as Fraction). Then select the cells and now format them as Popup. All the selected cells will have popups populated with each fraction and recognized as such. From here, you can copy and paste them to where you want them.


    Seems to work well for me.