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BIG PROBLEM.    I have several missing music purchases. The Apple Store> Purchases>Not on this computer   don't show them on the list so it must think they are pn this computer.  When I bought this new computer and the Apple store transferred my files they did it such a way that I have been back in 4 times to try and get my photos, music, etc straightened out.  A HUGE MESS!   I have about 15 purchased music files still missing.  Spotlight can't find the music, I can't find the music....and the store still thinks it's somewhere on my computer. The other complication is that I used the music in some family imovies and now the music won't play because it can't find the music.       WHAT NOW????  How do I get the store to allow me to re downlaod the missing files?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)