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I have two accounts linked to iCal and Mail: a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 account for personal use and a Google Apps account for company use. I'm a super administrator within the Google environment and have all my colleagues' calendars shared with me, though I keep these un-ticked in both the iCal sidebar and the Google Calendar interface.


Every now and then, I suddenly receive a bunch of notification center alerts on my OS-X desktop (and sometimes on my iPad, which is also set up for both accounts) for appointments which I don't recognise. On opening iCal I then see that all my colleagues' calendars are ticked, and I'm looking at everybody's appointments. I untick all the calendars except my own and all is well again, until a few hours later when again the notification center goes mad and I open iCal to find all calendars ticked.


This is getting somewhat frustrating and although I could just unsubscribe from colleagues' calendars in Google I don't think it's a fix, more of a workaround, and comes with its own problems. Anybody help here?


Many thanks in advance!


MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)