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I just discovered that when I have a .mp4 file embedded in my webpage and I visit that page using Safari on the iPad, the request for the .mp4 is missing the referer header.  This is a problem for me because I use URL Rewriting in my web.config file on IIS and I redirect requests (in which the HTTP_REFERER does not begin with my own domain name) to a no hotlink image.  Safari on the iphone4 does the same thing when I visit this page--the HTTP_REFERER header in the request for the .mp4 is empty.  I've had to turn my hotlinking protection for MP4 files off on my site in order for ipad/iphone to display the video on my page.  If the hotlink protection (i.e., rewrite rule in my web.config) is turned on, the video does not display.


It seems like this would be a common issue because hotlink protection is commonly implemented in this manner.


Is there something I am issing?  Some special way of preventing hotlinking and yet letting the mp4 content through to idevices?


Thank You!

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1