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Dear ASC

I have just recently update to iTunes 11 on (mountain lion osx 10.8.2 - Macbook pro) Dec 1 - 2012.

The 'album art work' screen saver disappeared after installing - A blank black screen appeared when screen saver activated - with text saying 'your iTunes libray does not contain any sonys with artworkartwork'.However all artwork images are present.

I searched here for a 'fix' with many in-death but out of date solutions (from earlier this year posting).

I tried clearing the 'iTunes artwork screen saver' from Preferences folder and also tried to rebuild a folder in iTunes (deleting iTunes artwork side bar file in the process) thinking I'd be given the option to 'rebuild the artwork fold' - But that hasn't happened.

So I'm with out an 'iTunes artwork screen saver' (which I miss). I've tried reinstalling 'iTunes' that doesn't return the artwork folder.

Any ideas on how I restore the ' artwork screen saver' Or as some have reported this is a 'known issue' to be resolved by Apple (an iTunes update to follow).


MacBook Pro (15-inch Glossy), Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Works fine for me on mountain lion and iTunes 11

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    Ok after a apple 'Genius bar' visit I can answer my own question.

    After installing iTunes 11 and having the itune screen saver report no images - I followed a few recommendations posted here (however now realizing they were old notes to previous versions). In short Apple 'genius' reinstalled the 'itunes screen saver' into the 'screen saver' folder from core software (Lion or Mountain lion?) and now all is working again.