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My iPhone 3Gs is acting really weird. It accesses web sites unpredicably - sometimes normal-fast, many times slow, and even not at all sometimes with "network error" messages. Its the same whether I am on WiFi or 3G. Genius Bar guy said it was a "data access problem" in the IOS and I had to wipe and reload the phone with new, clean IOS. But that didn't solve the problem.


Wondering if it's WiFi problem, I have been using only WiFi for the last 24 hours. I would expect zero cellular data usage while on WiFi. However, the phone Usage indicates "Sent 83.0KB", "Received 253 KB". Why woudl it be anything more than zero for data while on WiFi?


Has anyone had any experience with this sort of phone behavior?


BTW, it started behaving this way about 3 weeks ago. Before that it was perfectly fine.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.0.1