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I am bout to pull trigger on a new rmbp 2.6/512/16 for my photography/ videography work and after reading all the problems with IR is getting me a little shy bout pulling the trigger. 

How or is there a way I can assure to get a Samsung display before I buy?

I am getting AppleCare but I really don't wanna have to deal with the genius's at the Lehigh valley PA store. (That's a whole other discussion)

Anyone with any ideas?

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    Other then the screen there is nothing really special about the Retina model. It is totally non upgradeable and as you have read has problems, IR only one of them.


    There is no way to find out what brand screen it comes with before buying.

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    An Alternative if within your budget would be to buy a MBP with a regular display, and get a cinema external monitor for the photo stuff if you're a serious photographer.  Just a thought.

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    I have 2 displays already for my Mac Pro. And YES I AM SERIOUS. Only wanted a good mobile unit for on locations. But thx anyways Sanjampet.

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    Also just did the $$$$$ for regular MBP and I do want SSD OR FLASH and to upgrade to 512 cost more $$$$

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    If you do use external monitor I guess you wont get that much trouble with IR in the rMBP. That is if you unlucky to get a LG display inside your MacBook. I did purchase the rMBP three days ago and im pretty ready to return if it because I do have an LG display in it.


    That really make me sad because this laptop is really awesome. That is my first Mac laptop (Windows user since many years) and this hardware / software just blew me away. Un fortunatly im just not used to warranty and I just can't stand keeping a product that is known to fail with image retention after a certain amount of time....


    Anyway, option wise rMPB is a real good deal and pack a punch in a serious small form factor.

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    D**m that *****. To have first luck of the draw to get an LG display and 2nd to have to send back such a great unit otherwise. It's funny cause Sunday I was at apple and I asked sales guy what type of issues these units had as far as of returns. Ad this was before I started reading all this IR stuff and he told me " oh no problems with these they are rock solid" and I really didn't expect him to say anything different. But I just entertained him.

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    Indeed this really make me sad. Especialy since the LG display is actualy flawless and I have nothing complain about yet. From what I read, lot of LG screen tend to start making IR after couple of weeks. This make me wonder about the whole lifespan of the laptop, especialy without extended warranty. What this screen will look like in 4 years !! Also hard to know if problem as been fixed recently. My actual rMBP as been manufactured in the week 48. That mean only 7 days before I receive it. And I still can't find any info if problem as been fixed on this LG panel.


    I called Apple Care today (See page 400 in the burn-in thread). In summary, they confirmed me that the IPS retina panel tend to have IR problem and it should be treated with care.


    Another things that was making me hesitate is that forums usualy is packed by people seeking answers and not necessarly people looking to answer questions.I would really like to see apple statistic on how much return they got on LG vs Samsung and what is my real chance to get a bad screen in my hands right now. But no chance they do this and I understand on a marketing point of view.

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    Ohh just found this article while exchanging in this thread:


    http://gdgt.com/question/are-you-having-the-image-retention-issue-on-your-retina -macbook-pro-1f7m/


    This probably wont help you. Look similar to you and again prove Apple exchange defective screen panel easily.

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    There are a number of people who aren't having IR problems - we just hear from those who are: maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones.


    I would love to see Photoshop and Lightroom running on a Retina display model - bet it's spectacular!