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I have recently put photos on to my pc and want them on my iPad 3rd gen, so, i decided to put them into a photo stream, when I put them into the assigned photo stream folder, all went well. but ehen I went to my iPad, the photos were NOT THERE!! So i read somewhere that it synces when plugged in charging and connected to wifi, so i did that. I left it for 2 hours and when i come back, and checked photo stream on my iPad, the photos were not there. So my question is, why is this not working and how do i fix it. I have tried all the obvious stuff but its not working. BTW, this has happened lots (where it wont sync)


All suggestions will be appreciated.

Please help


Kind regards Dc414

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6.0.1
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    corresponding folder name is Upload?

    your ipad is charged over 20%?

    your ipad and computer have secure connection to the Internet, giving you enough time

    to upload pictures (how is the upload speed on your network?) and then download?

    Are you signed in to the same account?

    Did you check settings for icloud control panel and verified that photostream is on on your windows?

    Did you try to sign out and sign in, into control panel and are you getting any messages when you do?

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    Have you tried syncing them from your computer to your iPad via iTunes?


    ALso, try taking a new photo with your iPad and see if it shows up in your computer. Photostream for me, is just 'there', not something I depend on, but I recall reading that it's not backwards compatible - meaning it syncs new photos, not old ones. If you take a new photo and it shows up but the old ones don't then that would suggest that is right.

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    Do I need to have it plugged in charging over 20% or does it just have to be over 20%     ???