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On a QNAP TS-219P II NAS with 3.7.3 software I have Microsoft networking services available for Windows users and one Mac OS X 10.6.8 user.


The Mac user sees in the Finder two Share names: the server_name, and server_name(SAMBA). He can connect to his share folder on the NAS with either. However NAS connection log shows repeated attempts every three minutes by his Mac to login as 'guest' to the SAMBA share. I have guest access disabled for all shares.  I know that it is his Mac as the LAN IP address is the one being used by the Macbook.  (see excerpt from log below).  I have the NAS Bonjour broadcast on only for the SAMBA service.



I want to eliminate the log being flooded with guest login attempts every three minutes (which the log says are successful) to the SAMBA share "Login OK".


I notice that the username for the unwanted 'guest' logins come in three minute intervals. And if on the Mac I actually attempt in the Finder to login as guest, in the NAS log it shows "GUEST" (ie in capital letters) whereas all the flooding logins are from lower case letter 'guest'.


So I haven't made much progress in figuring out what on the Mac is attempting every three minutes to make multiple login attempts as 'guest', nor in determining what I can do on the NAS to prevent these attempts.


Any ideas?  There must be something that can be specified in Mac OS 10.6 or on the NAS OS to deal with this.


system connections log copy.jpg