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This has happened twice now in less than a week.  Please help!  I go to sync my ipod and it shows that everything; my songs, pictures and videos have been wiped off the ipod except the videos that I just loaded.  When I plug it in, the ipod shows full, but after I sync, it shows empty.  I can't figure it out.


I am operating on the latest release of itunes ( and my iPod Touch 4G is up to date with it's software.  I am running Windows 7 on a PC.  Lately I've been having trouble syncing the ipod.  It often doesn't connect or can't read the ipod no matter how I connect it or to what.  I've tried several cables and even wifi sync, but the issues remain.  The problem I am having doesn't appear to happen with wifi sync (yet) but wifi sync doesn't reliably work either.  I think you have to hold your mouth right in order for it to work properly.  I don't know.  My only solution has been to restore the ipod.  That works for a while, but when you load that much data onto an ipod all at once, it seems to not load everything very reliably, or it takes a couple of rounds of sync to get your songs completely restored. 


I am trying everything I can think of, but nothing has worked so far.  I've changed cables, I've tried wifi sync, I've restored the ipod, I've updated to the latest versions. I am hoping you can help me. 

PC, Windows Vista
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    My iPod worked well with the first release of iTunes with the new, current look but after updating to I can't find either my iPod or my iPad on the screen.  The device connection and sync diagnotics passes for both devices.  I successfully used the wi-fi sync but where are the rest of the device controls that were in iTunes?