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I've had an iPad One for a year or two and recently bought iPad Minis for myself and the SO. It's happened quite a few times now that I can be using the WiFi connection, and set the iPad aside for a few minutes, and when I come-back to it the WiFi connection is gone (the icon goes away at the top-left of the screen). I have to then go to Settings Wifi and select my connection again. I don't recall this ever happening with the iPad 1.


I don't see any specific setting for "turn-off WiFi after x minutes" or whatnot and wonder why the iPad is dropping signal (a very strong signal, a very fast connection in my house). Is there a setting some where that says "turn off WiFi", for example after X minutes to save power or something?


This is a real annoyance cuz I can be reading an article online and then when I come-back to it I see "no Internet connection" and I have to go to Settings again to re-select my SSID.

iOS 6.0.1