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I tried on two Windows Computers to install the new iTunes update on my iPad. Now I am stuck at the iTunes Logo and USB cable graphic.

I tried all the standard reboot stuff. Battery is fully charged. Everything seemed to go well until the very last moment.

iPad 2, iOS 6, I downloaded the photos and videos
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    There is no itunes update for ipad. There is however a new version of itunes for computers though.


    You can get it here:




    If your ipad is showing what you describe then its in recover mode, update itunes on your computer,  then you can restore the ipad.



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    I am sorry.


    I did confuse the iTunes part. I have the latest version of iTunes on both my Windows Laptop and HP PC.

    Actually that was the problem.

    I successfully updated the new Apple iOS to my iPhone and iPad2. I successfully downloaded (backed-up) my data from my iPhone and iPad to my Laptop.

    I successfully updated my iPhone with the new iTunes (version 11) I believe.


    When I tried to update iTunes on the iPad --- all h**** broke loose. After about 80 tries with just the iTunes Logo and USB graphic showing up on the iPad (including two DSU sessions), I still get a 3014 error.

    I have disabled all of my security on the Windows PC (imagine how I feel about that!!!!) and still to no avail. I have tried about 80 times in the last 2 days (no exageration) trying all methods, scouring the NET and Apple Help and still I cannot get past Error 3014.

    I was on the Apple Care with two Apple "experts" on the telephone (including a Manager) for over an hour and they walked me through (the same stuff I had tried about 60 times). I still get Error 3014.

    I HAVE NOT PROBLEMS with my ASUS Transformer TF300T to access its cloud, its updates, its store and its apps. If Google can do it (work with my computers) why cannot Apple?

    Seeing "Error 3014" in my iTunes is so OPAQUE!! My god, I am a sophisticated user ... what is a Newbie supposed to think?

    Apple is still in the world of Nerds and Geeks (no offence, I am a Geek too!!). It needs to recognize and by-pass these opaque traps and work with real people who are now the bulk of Apple users.

    The bottom line is this... all instructions, help files, responses to my pleas for help all say the same thing: iTunes SHOULD be able to restore your iPad. NONE mention any solutions to by-pass Error 3014 in any simple, practical manner. How is a Newbie supposed to disable his/her firewalls, anti-virus, etc? Too complicated.


    James Dean Waryk


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    Probably not a good idea to post personal contact info on a public forum

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    At this point I would try restoring the device from another good computer. If that doesn't work, then set up a repair of the device.



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    December 15th, 2012


    OH MY GOD!!!  I cannot believe it!!!


    I left my iPad2 hooked up to my PC and just kept trying as it cycled through the same process: restore -- update -- Error 3014 ....


    About 30 times later, it finally DID IT! It restored the iPad to iOS 6.


    Surprise! I did nothing extra ... so I cannot give advice to others on how to fix their device. Everything still remains a mystery to me!!


    James Dean Waryk