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I'm a big fan of albums, I like listening to an entire album, and then to another entire album, and so forth. So I loved the option+skip shortcut that skipped entire albums. Together with shuffle by album, it allowed me to skip, skip, skip, until iTunes landed on an album I felt like listening to. And then, when the album was over, iTunes would shuffle to another one.


Firstly, the shortcut is now gone and I can't skip albums any more, forcing me to manually look through my collection to pick something.


Secondly, while I love the new album view, it just... stops at the end of the album. Why? I have shuffle turned on, and by album, but even if I didn't, iTunes should at least carry on playing, jumping to whichever album came next. Instead, it just stops, forcing me to switch to iTunes to pick another album.


It's mind boggling. With these two feature changes, Apple completely destroyed my iTunes experience.


Can any one give me any tips on this? Am I missing something? Is there another way to skip albums? Should iTunes keep playing after an album is over, do I have to configure something?