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After 20+ years of using Macs I've finally picked up a nasty.


Irritating rather than disabling - but when i browse the internet certain keywords on webpages are hyperlinked to annoying 'inline' advertising.

This only shows up on my iMac (not my MacBook) and they appear when using both Safari (my regular browser) and Firefox (not previously used for several months). So it looks like it's machine specific and outside the browsers (cleared my cookies though, just in case!)


Any clues as to where I should go with this - I'm very much a Mac User rather than an operator/techy so any pointers would be appreciated.


running on iMac OSX 10.6.8


Cheers -

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You could also delete any persistant Flash cookies in ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player

    Whatever is in there can be dragged to the trash and deleted without ill effect.



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    To know if it is machine specific or just user specific, you must create a new temporary user and test with that new user.

    If it does not produce the same effect it is something hidden in your user folder.


    Also, it is best practice to create at least 2 users when setting up a new computer. The first one is an administrator, the second one and eventually other users as standard users.

    Use the standard user for everyday tasks.

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    Thanks for the tip... Can't see a Macromedia file in my Library at all.

    The only Macromedia file i can locate is in a Dreamweaver CS3 application folder (macromedia.tix).

    Also have in applications Adobe Flash CS3 and Adobe Flash CS3 Video Encoder.

    None of these have been updated for some time (well, CS3!!)

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    Check again, in your HOME/Library/Preferences/ folder, I'm sure the Macromedia folder would be there.


    * the Preferences folder is a Sub folder in the Library.

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    Thanks for your help guys - much appreciated!


    Ok - tracked the little blighter down!

    It seems to be reffered to as 'text enhanced spyware' - found a couple of browser extensions lurking in my browser preferences - deleted them and the issue seems to have disappeared.


    roam - still can't find that Macromedia file

    Is this something I should be worried about?


    Anyway - cheers for now - and thanks again for taking the time out!

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    lazycarrot, I am glad you tracked down your problem. Well done! The fact you don't have that macrromedia folder I was banging on about is not a problem either. It is just an artifact Flash media installs.