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I'm using iCal linked only to my Google Calendar - no home or work calendars.


I'm getting the following error when trying to send an invitation to others:




The request for “test” in “first.last@googlemail.com” in account “first.last@googlemail.com” failed.



The server responded with

“HTTP/1.1 400 incorrect organizer: first.last@googlemail.com

to operation CalDAVScheduleEventQueueableOperation.


It gives me the choice to Go Offline or Revert to Server.  The latter posts to entry to Google Calendar but doesn't send the invitation.  I don't think the former option does anything off the Mac.


I have the same google email account set up in Mail and an entry in Address Book already which vaguely seem to be important.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Nothing on Google Help except somebody else having the same problem.



iCal, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I have the same issue.

    Anyone who has the answer?

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    After some tricky time trying all different things, for me the error was inside the e-mail address of my google account, which I used.

    The thing is that while setting up your google account under your Mac, you have to make sure to use the same googlemail domainname, your account tells you on www.google.com -> login -> accountname. It should either ends with gmail.com or googlemail.com.


    Hope this solves it not only for me.

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    We have this problem also, however we use Google Apps and do not have the option to use 'gmail' or 'googlemail' when entering our email addresses.

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    Revbot, this is actually my situation.  Have you found a fix?

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    Is there a calendar client for my MacBook that will work with Google?  I need something that runs on a Mac but plays nice with google apps.

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    jhstarr - some progress; Google Calendars now appear in Calendar under a heading of Google, which appears to circumvent the need for delegation within Apple Calendar.  Since most of the errors I was seeing related to the delegates, I would assume removing them will stop the pop ups from happening.  That said, however, for the past two weeks, I've witnessed the Google heading and calendars come and go; when they appear, they duplicate the delegates.  When they disappear, I still have the delegates to rely on.  For about the past week, the Google section seems more stable, so I've unchecked the delegates, but I have not yet told the staff to do so.  If you can confirm a similar experience, that would be helpful.

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    I've gave up on iCal last night.  The truth is I was frustrated by 3 things: perpetual sync issues, the way that calendar entries treat Location = phone number + passcode, and the difficulty of displaying a long location (phone number + passcode) when it is time to dial into a conference call.


    These are all business requirements and I find it evidence of the assertion others have made that business users are secondary at Apple.


    BTW: I had to abandon Calendar on my iPad a while back because I could not figure out how to create a calendar entry on my iPad.


    I put a url link to online Google Calendar on my MBP doc and figured out the keyboard shortcuts (very cool).  Maybe I will check back in a year or two to see if these issues have gone away.


    A salesperson lives by his calendar.  I cannot afford issues with it.  The stakes are too high.

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    What I don't understand is why this has CHANGED? I've used iCal with GMail for 4 years now, and these caldev problems pop up from out of nowhere??

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    It is now fixed. Hmmmm.