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i am trying to solve an organizational problem where i have pdfs of published pages or work that are either one or two pages. this pdf format is very convenient for posting to the web in something like Scribd so that others can see it but it is very inconvenient to keep this imagery outside of Aperture. at the same time i do intend on keeping the pdf in a "published pdfs" folder.


however, i would /also/ like to include the actual pages from these pdf's in Aperture as they really belong with /other/ image file formats that also contain this kind of data.


is there a proper way to do this? for instance, should i break down all of the pdf's into individual pages that are image file formats (it would be great to know if i can do this in photoshop or acrobat and how to do it) and THEN import into Aperture? should i import all 1 page pdf's and somehow break down the 2 page pdf's into individual page pdfs (would be great to get a brief explanation of how to do this).


THANKS IN ADVANCE for any suggestions

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