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My reminders are gone from my Ical since upgrade.  What do I need to do to input reminders in Ical and be able to print reminders with my ical.  Thank you

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    Mountain Lion has moved reminders to their own application. Look in Applications > Reminders.


    Best wishes

    John M

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    Thank you for your help and responding.  I assume than that I have to print out Ical and Reminders seperate if needed on paper??

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    This is really disappointing and annoying to be honest.  I like to see my reminder list along with my calendar - everything in one place.  If you go to the calendar on iCloud, you still have the reminders visible, not sure what logic was being applied when it comes to iCal - having a new Reminders app for the Mac doesn't really add any value in my opinion.  Hope Apple fix this.




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    Reminders is fine if you want to enter a stand-alone reminder, but the great usefulness of reminders is to call your attention to things in your calendar. In Snow-leopard my reminders popped up and I could snooze them for a variety of time periods. Now there's one generic snooze. I haven't figured out how long, but it hardly matters. I want to be able to snooze for a time I specify.


    Altogether, it's a real step backward!

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    Apple should have left the Todo list functionality in Calendar where it belonged. It's completely user- UNfriendly to 1) remove existing functionality;  2) to do so from an application where one intuitively expects a todo list to be. Now I have to open up yet another application to figure out what I have to do for the day or week or month, when I already have the Calendar app open?


    The Reminders app might make sense on an iPhone (but I don't even use it there because it's so clunky), but makes zero sense on an actual computer.


    Apple: Please don't turn my macbook into a glorified iPhone—I actually have to do real work on my computer.

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    I totally agree.  I just wasted .5 hrs trying to figure out how to manipulate and sync the reminders with the iCAl.  Thanks for posting this thread online, I can stop wasting my time now.  Apple, please change it back or make these apps sync. 


    Side note.  I was creating my to do list and found the ability to asign a date by draging the task to the calendar in the bottom right.  Then I discovered that I can drag that same reminder/to-do task into iCal and it will be created as an event. Would be great if I could simply sync the reminders to iCal instead of draging them over though.  Then when I make the change in one the other can update with the next sync.  This also prevents human error if I drag and drop the reminder onto the wrong date in iCal.

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    You have got to be kidding me. Why does Apple think they can delete a major feature that many people use? Also, my mac seems slower after the upgrade. Plus, there's a Time Machine-based bug where a "file:" dialog complains regularly. I had to create a new backup and sacrifice my old. This is really poor work on their part.

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    Agreed w all the comments that excoriate Apple for this move, and the general dumbness of how they handle task management.


    Here is a program that does it the way it is supposed to be done


    incorporates multiple calenders the way you would expect (bringing back some of the old iCal processes, like using the last cal selected as default)


    It also incorporates the tasks and using iCloud will sync with the reminder app on iphone and ipad. 



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    all my old reminders and to list is not under the Reminders App.  does anyone know where it is-I had vry important info there...

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    How do I send a request to Apple to re-intergrate reminders into iCal.... reminders is not much use anymore now it's separate. I don't know why they've overcomplicated this, need to do better!

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    Completely agree with you. Steve Jobs said "it just works" remember? No one wants to open two separate programs or drag reminders over to Calendar. This used to work very well, but no longer.


    I'd hate to have to go back to Google apps calendar, but they have a better system folks. Apple: revert back to reminders and ICal.