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I've tried twice to create a calendar out of iphoto and I've gotten a response via email after several days that there was a problem with the order:


Apple discovered an issue with the file you submitted. It appears the

calendar has small month names. As a result, Apple is unable to process

your order and you will not be charged.


We recommend updating your software, changing the theme on your print

product, then changing it back to the original theme.


Once completed, preview your print product in iPhoto, and place the

order again.


For instructions on how to update your software, refer to:


Mac OS X - Updating your software



For instructions on how to change your theme, refer to:


iPhoto - How do I change the theme or type of my book, card, or




For instructions on how to preview your order, refer to:


How to preview an order in iPhoto or Aperture



We appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience.


There are no updates for my OS or iPhoto. I changed themes and went back to the original (and had to rebuild it all over again, grrrr). Any ideas what could be causing this?


So much for getting these for Christmas presents. Thanks!

PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    that is the third calendar problem like this in a row, see this post: Re: Is this a joke?


    It is really annoying to have this happen directly before christmas. Have you contacted Apple?




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    There was a post here on how to workaround the problem. It's not the cleanest hack in the world, but the process looks worse than it is.

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    Thanks for this it sounds like a good fix, sadly it doesn't see anything under step:


    8. Select the "KHProject" from the "Tables" drop-down menu

    9. You'll see a list of your iPhoto Projects.  Locate your calendar project by looking through this list and particularly the values in the "name" column.  Once you find your calendar project, make note of the number in the "modelID" column.


    I didn't see any projects. The modified and last opened dates don't represent today either which I think the woud because I was in looking at the calendar.



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    Dear Martha,


    I had the same problem, and this bug in iPhoto cost me my yearly christmas presents for all of our families (grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.)

    By digging through this forum, I found the solution that actually worked for me.

    But I will not order the calendars from Apple because they cancelled the calendars three times without telling me what the problem was, and endless and numerous calls with different support people at Apple gave no solution.

    I will now export PDFs and send them to a different service.


    Maybe in your case there is another project.db file?

    Sometimes, when iPhoto rebuilds databases, it seems that it creates a second one.

    (I read it here somewhere in the forum - so I hope this could be a good hint to follow)


    All the best,



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    Martin, what service are you using for printing the PDFs?  I'm having problems with Apple's quality (under exposed).  PDFs look fine, but the final calendar is way to dark.

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    Hi 4score,


    I tried photographerbook.de here in Germany before and they seem good.

    They offer different type of paper qualities and it could be that each paper renders differently.


    There must be similar services in other countries.


    Do you have a calibrated screen, by the way?

    If you have - then it is clearly Apple's fault, if your screen is not calibrated, it may be a problem to get the right brightness and colour on screen.


    All the best



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    Martha, it was a bit tricky to locate, but by switching to the "Browse Data" tab and opening the "Table" drop down menu, you should be able to find it.


    Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 10.04.48 AM.png


    Note that I don't actually have this problem, I just remembered seeing the post earlier.

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    Thanks, I was looking exactly where you show above, not sure what's up. I tried one last time in iPhoto to make another calendar using a different, and IMHO less appealing, theme. I reformatted and sent it off and I've gotten a message that they are coming the day after Christmas, hopefully they will arrive before we leave for a week :-(.


    If I decide to do this again I will investigate a non-Apple, non-iPhoto formatter and printer. The last one I did 2 years ago went well, but they have screwed something up. It's disappointing they don't have the wherewithal to fix it quickly.


    Thanks all for the help, happy holidays!