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  • Uri.avrahami Level 1 (0 points)

    did the freezer thing,did the flash untill battery run out thing,did full restore and much more.

    in shot tried evrey thing and no solution that lasts!!!!!!

    why oh why i updated my phone!!!!!!

    and the worst is that i dont have apple store in my country and my phone is 4 monthes old!!!!

    how long untill apple release a fix??????

    i will never trust apple again  never!!!!!!!!!

  • danukapeiris Level 1 (15 points)

    Follow these steps


    Switch on Bluetooth >

    Switch off cellular data and 3G >

    Reset Network settings >

    Switch on wifi >

    Switch on cellular data and 3G


    Hope this will work for u as well !!!

  • Asta007 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have tried everything to try to solve this problem (reset, turn off, reboost etc...) but I can't try your suggestion above because the bluetooth doesn't work either at my phone! It's not greyed out like the wifi, but the phone just keeps on searching and the option for turning on the Bluetooth doesnt come up.


    My phone has been like this now for 2 weeks, And the phone is brand new (4s) bought it just over a month ago (everything worked fine to begin with). So I ask like the others, WHEN WILL APPLE FIX THIS PROBLEM??!! This is really not excaptable!! And are they not giving any answers on this page?? Will it be fixed with IOS 6.1? And when will that be realeased??

  • sirhcusklown Level 1 (0 points)

    Your wifi antennae is going out and you need to replace your phone.  I went through the same thing and just solved the problem last night at the Apple Store.  Hurry before your 1 year warranty runs out!!!!!!!!!!

  • JChang04 Level 1 (0 points)

    Something similar happened to me. I was still using iOS 5 when my wifi refused to connect to any connection. I assumed this was apple's way of telling me I needed to upgrade to iOS 6. So I updated my phone and my wifi grayed out. I tried everything mentioned in this thread and from apple support. Nothing worked. Finally I turned my phone off and in a fit of rage slapped it a few times. When I turned it back on, my wifi automatically began to work again.


    So here was my solution: hit your phone. Call me crazy but it was the only thing that worked.

  • JoeLeste Level 1 (0 points)

    heh, thats true! Yesterday I tried to use your method! Even two) We have the outdoor temperature -10, and I'm still walking down the street pulled out the phone to cool it. As I walked, hit it... so I turned on the phone. Bluetooth and wi-fi works well....  YEHAAAAA - I thought... but it worked for 3 minutes =) after 3 minutes Bluetooth stopped working again and wi-fi stopped looking networks. next step is restart... and .............. Iam again with greyscale wi-fi sht...

  • Melissamms Level 1 (0 points)


    It's getting worst for me!! My iphone 4S was working just great until I upgraded it to IOS 6, I started having the regular issues (app troubles and that stuff) but then IOS 6.0.1 came … an it was a tragedy for my phone!


    The fist couple of days it worked nice, eventually my wifi was disabled (grayed out – I can’t even turn it on) and ever since that happened I haven’t been able to connect to wifi ever again A few days later after my wifi disaster my phone is not even connecting to the network internet although 3G signal is 5 bars full… so NO internet for me at any means, either wifi or network internet, my iphone is just working for SMS and calls IT’S AWFUL 


    I’ve tried a lot of things, from re-staring the phone, turning it off and on, reset network settings, reset cellular data settings to reset all settings, any of that have worked for me so far… I bought my Iphone directly trough in the US, it’s factory unlocked and I’m currently using it in Venezuela.



  • gideon_a Level 1 (0 points)

    1.  I have the same Wi Fi greyed out, fast battery drain  iPhone 4S  6.0.1 problem, which started about two weeks after I got the phone as replacement for my original phone that had a different battery drain problem (under warranty).

    2.  I read through much of this thread

    3.  My conclusion is this:  Apple has a serious quality assurance problem with these phones.  The problem is not  IOS related. It is a hardware issue.  Possibly with the WiFi chipset.  All these tricks of  Hair dryer/ Freezer etc. point to a hardware issue.  Until Apple revises the chip and/or finds a way to test these chips for this problem, it will not go away. It is not a simple problem since the bug seems to be a soft error related problem. 

    4.  We are screwed, because, even if Apple exchanges our phones, there is no guarantee the problem will not come up again.

    5. I am sure Apple knows about this, still has no solution, and is afraid to admit it.

    6. Sell your Apple stock before it tanks.

    7.  Go buy Samsung.

  • jamien Level 1 (0 points)

    chriscolemancleveland wrote:


    I can confirm this works.  I've done everything else suggested in all the forums except this.  I can't believe something so simple fixes the issue.


    1) Open app switcher and click the  "x" to close ALL the apps that are running.

    2) Immediatly hold the power button until the slider shows up to turn off the phone, and slide it.

    3) Set the phone aside for 5 minutes

    4) Power it back up

    5) go to "settings" then Wifi, and it should be turned on and list available networks.

    6) choose network and connect


    I hope this works for everyone else, like it did for me.

    I tried EVERYTHING for DAYS.  This DID work for me!!!!  It worked the first time and it has been 3 days of heavy use since then and everything going well - including better battery performance.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!  Hope everyone else finds a solution that works for them.

  • brendonfromporirua Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been following this post for awhile now.

    Here's what worked for me regarding the wifi dropping off after the iphone 4 went to lock mode or hibernation.

    Wifi on iphone would show Not connected and when you click settings, general wifi it would sit there with searching for Network,even though the device had already been setup with authenticaton, passphrase ASCII key.

    Router: Setup with WPA2-PSK , AES encryption.

    Dynalink router b/g

    Updated firmare 3.64y

    Iphone 4

    IOS 6.0.1


    So after following a few other posts and nothing would fix this, I decided to update my routers firmware from

    ver 3.30j to ver 3.64y


    On the iphone reset the Network setting, reboot iphone, enable wifi on iphone click Settings, General, Wifi

    search for AP, enter pass phrase. Wifi okay.


    Tested wifi by locking iphone, unlocking iphone, went from 3G to Wifi while at home.

    Tested again next morning, wifi picked up straight away when unlocking iphone.


    Went to work, back home wifi picked up again fine, problem solved for me anyway.


    Hope this post helps someone out there.

  • adw_uk Level 1 (35 points)

    i have had similar issues to this but the fault lies with the new generation of wi-fi routers using b/g/n.


    in short i set the router to b/g only with just WEP security then set the wi-fi channel myself instead of leaving it on auto.


    the handset then connects to the DHCP server on the router and gets an IP address back and all works fine.

  • sakcigit Level 1 (0 points)

    I can't use wifi for 2,5 months.

    How long untill apple release a fix?

    I will never trust apple again never too.

  • Azee_ Level 1 (0 points)

    If your iPhone 4s wifi is greyed out. You should know that its a hardware problem and cannot be fixed by any resets.


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  • tigander Level 1 (0 points)

    I read something in here about killing all the apps, didn't believe it but tried it as a simple fix and my wifi is now back on! BUT still can't find/connect to any networks?

  • brendonfromporirua Level 1 (0 points)

    If your wifi on the iphone is greyed out then you need to hold the home button down while also holding down the on/off button at the top of the iphone until the screen goes black and keep holding both buttons until you see the apple logo appear. Once it loads you can go back in to Settings, General, Wifi and it should then allow you to press On to switch wifi on.


    If you can't find your router ssid name, then you need to first ensure that other devices can connect, eg: laptop, ipod. If they can then you probably need to go back into Iphone under settings, scroll down to Reset, then click on Reset Network Settings, let the iphone restart, then go back into Wifi and switch Wifi on and then it should search for available network, your router SSID name.


    One other thing to check would be Bluetooth, can you switch that on ? If so then your Wifi on the Iphone should be okay and it would a case of performing the steps above.


    Perhaps you have Mac address filtering on your router, so you would need to check the Iphone Mac address in Settings, about, scroll down to Mac Address and then allow that Mac address in your Routers settings.

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