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Apple installed a new hd.

I could not open Aperture anymore. I reinstalled it butI just got the bill. I must pay for a full install. Is this normal?

Imac 21
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    From where did you buy Aperture? If you bought it from the Mac App Store, simply open the store and click on purchases. You should be able to install from there.


    I'm not sure what you mean by "I just got the bill." Were you charged somehow?

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    how did you buy Aperture originally?

    The correct way to reinstall depends on how you bought it.

    • If you originally bought a boxed retail version, you have to reinstall from the original media.
    • If you originally bought a licence key to unlock the trial version, you reinstall the trial and use your licence key.
    • If you originally bought Aperture from the App Store, you reinstall from the App Store by downloading it again from the "Purchased" tab, after signing into the App Store using the original Apple ID that you used to buy it initially. You should see a button labelled "Install" not "Purchase", when you want to reinstall an application that you alredy own.


    Contact Apple, if you accidentally bought the application twice. There must be a contact email address on your email receipt.




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    I indeed installed it from the App Store. Afew days later I had to pay for the full installation on my Itunes account.

    I had to pay it with my mastercard. I think the problem was that I had a new HD installed by Aple. The new HD was installed free because there were problems with the original HD. I imagine there is a problem with the recognition of the new HD.

    I thinks that this is not fair because I firrst bought Aperture 2 and later I bought Aperture 3.

    I heard that other Aplle Imac owners also had problems with the reinstallation off Office for Mac. They could not reinstall, they even could not enter the installation code.

    Greetings from Bruges

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    Contact the Mac App Store Customer Service and request assistance...