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I noticed something my phone does and couldn't find out if it's supposed to or not.  I've read a lot of forums and can't get a straight answer.


After I plug in my phone at night with Wi-Fi connected, the phone drops the Wi-Fi to the LTE until I pick up the phone again and wake it up.  It only takes about a second and the phone connects right back to Wi-Fi.  Unfortunately, I think this is causing the automatic backups in iCloud to be delayed because it's not connected to Wi-Fi when locked.  Is this a feature Apple implemented?  Or is there a problem somewhere?


On a related note, I understand iCloud backs up every 24 hours.  So does it analyze when the last backup was when I plug in my phone or does it continuously analyze while it's plugged in and wait for the 24 hours to be completed.

Example: if my last backup was at 5AM, will my phone wait until 5AM to back up and then do it automatically?  Or will it wait until the next evening when I plug it in again for the night?



iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1