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On December 19th 2012, I tried to get Bell to unlock my old iPhone 3GS, Bell is openly telling their customers that they cannot unlock old iPhones because Apple will not allow them too, as long as I (current Bell customers) are under any kind of contract with Bell. Bell says Apple will not send them the "unlock code" to allow them to unlock the iPhone. I learned that was a flat out lie from an Apple customer service person that I called as soon as I hung up with Bell.


I have learned Bell is the only company in Canada that will not unlock iPhones, I have seen on the Internet that they are considering changing there rule for unlocking iPhones. I'm just wondering why Apple is allowing Bell to put Apple in a bad light like this when it is a flat out lie against Apple, hurting their reputation.


If anyone has any info on this subject feel free to let me know.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.0.2