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I can't seem to get the Automatic Download setting to actually work the way that it should.  As far as I know, this setting should automatically download a new podcast episode when available, and with the most recent update to the Podcasts app, we can now restrict that downloading to wi-fi only.  Yippee!!


Problem is that new episodes don't get automatically downloaded, at least not consistently.  When I subscribed to a podcast and set it to automatically download, on wi-fi only, it worked perfectly the next time an episode was released.  But then the following week it did not work.  It did not start downloading until I actually opened the Podcast app and went to that podcast's episode page.


So I tried unsubcribing and resubscribing again, and then the next time a new episode came out - worked just fine.  The next morning the podcast was there and ready to go.  But then the following week again (this past Friday/Saturday), once again, no joy.  It did not download the episode until I opened the app and looked at that podcast's episode list just now.


So what is the deal?  Is this yet another bug with this crappy implementation of a podcast app?  I really would love to use Downcast instead, I really would, but Downcast does not store the podcast files in the same place as other media on my phone, which means it's not available when I scroll thru the menus when connected to my car stereo.  My car stereo only accesses media files in the normal location, UNLESS it's playing before I connect it.  But that's a pain, trying to remember to go into Downcast and play an episode before I connect the phone in my car.


Can anything be done about this, or am I not doing something correctly with the iOS Podcast app?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1.1, 16GB Black, 05.13.04 baseband