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I just tried downloading a 2-hour 110MB episode of Above & Beyond's Group Therapy weekly podcast, using Apple's Podcast app that I've been using for several months.  The download took 20 minutes on wi-fi, taking about 12-13 seconds for each MB.


So then I went over into my Downcast app and downloaded another 2-hour episode.  It took a whopping 50 SECONDS to complete on my new iPhone 5!


Is this just yet another problem with this app?  I really NEED to use the Apple app because my car stereo can't access podcasts downloaded on 3rd party apps unless I'm already playing it through that 3rd party app when I connect the phone to the car.


I remember when I used to listen to podcasts in the iPod app and it would switch to the iTunes Store when I wanted to download another episode, and that only took about 2 minutes on my home wi-fi with my 3GS.  Why is it so much massively slower now?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1, 32 GB
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    Okay I don't know if Apple fixed something or what, but I just downloaded new 110 MB episodes of my podcast and they finished in about 60 seconds or so, chugging along at 3+ MB per sec or 24 Mbps, which is the download performance I'm seeing on my home wifi with this phone using Speedtest.


    What actually happened was I opened the podcasts app, there were 2 new ep's which started automatically, but I paused them both for a few seconds to check the dates and ep numbers on them. Then I manually started the latest episode which zipped down in about 1 minute. Then I started last week's episode, and it was CRAWLING!  It only got maybe 8-10 MB down in 2 minutes. I paused it, started it again and BOOM!  Done in under a minute!


    I'm thankful that its finally downloading this stuff with decent speed, but I still wonder why the massive speed difference just by pausing the download and starting it again?